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POWES Undergraduate and Postgraduate Prizes

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The POWES Undergraduate (3,000 words) and POWES and Feminism and Psychology Postgraduate (3,500 words) Student Award

Current undergraduate and postgraduate students and those who have submitted their dissertations within the last academic year (2016–2017) are invited to submit for the POWES undergraduate or POWES and Feminism and Psychology postgraduate awards.

Submissions can include research from all areas of psychology and the social sciences. Both articles must be clearly related to the research carried out as part of an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, and make an original contribution around the gender and other intersecting inequalities. Individual entries and group submissions are both welcomed, but must not have been published previously. Word counts do not include abstracts, title, references, or tables.

Awards include prizes of:

  • One year subscription to POWES Review
  • One year subscription to Feminism & Psychology
  • A complimentary place at the POWES 2018 Conference (11–13 July 2018) and the opportunity to present your paper where the prizes will be awarded (POWES will reimburse your registration and travel expenses within the UK, up to the amount of £350).
  • Publication of your submission in the POWES Review

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