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The Power of Undoing: Tess’ Story

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Tess was hired out of Portugal to a London-based receptionist job in 2017. The role came with an exciting environment – a private members’ club for people in the creative industries. Tess ran Book Club, and co-created an event with two members exploring mental health lived experiences through performance art and had worked with other departments such as marketing, membership, and members events – but then she hit a wall. 

There was space for occasional collaborations, but no progression. The routine of the core of her role started numbing her brain and she ended up resigning. She didn’t have another job aligned, but she also knew she wouldn’t have the mental energy to search for one if she hadn’t left. It was on her very last day at that job that Bodhi Eira Jones the founder of KaiFlow, caught up with her and said that they should talk.

The original idea was that Tess was going to be responsible for copywriting, something she did for her personal enjoyment. However, they came to an agreement that going through a KaiFlow coaching experience would facilitate the introduction to the language, and it did so much more than that for Tess.

She reconnected with herself, with all the selves she had been since she was a kid, ‘Since the first time I was told that I was not meant to do something because it was not expected from the boxes I ticked. I became conscious of so much that was before outside of my reality, beyond my comfort zone. A lot of emotion came with this journey, but the structure of the KaiFlow practice kept me going. I was able be with the uncomfortable instead of unconsciously resisting it, which released energy and opened space to new listening.’

One of the main things she felt like she had disconnected from is the power of creativity and how it stands at the source of everything, how it is about more than artistry, how it is so much about playfulness, problem-solving, and also conversation. ‘Every step I take is my creation and that is so empowering. I had so many stories running in the back of my mind about not being enough, not belonging, being a waste of space. I now stand in being my own voice, my own space, my own time, and that is why I am working with KaiFlow, because I believe we are sitting on something that could open doors to many people.’

All Tess needed was to trust and believe in herself. ‘As community manager for Rebel Majesty, KaiFlow’s recently launched online platform, that is what I am standing for, for everyone. We keep asking the questions, having the conversions, listening and clearing the way for reshaping our world, the world, from the inside out.’

About Tess, KaiFlow, and Rebel Majesty

Born and raised in the mountains of Portugal, Tess has a background in communication, arts, and culture. As well as her creative production for KaiFlow and community management for Rebel Majesty, she reviews and interviews artists for publications, hosting, and facilitating related events. She is also the co-creator and co-producer of a project exploring mental health lived experiences through performance art. Connection, collaboration, and community are at the core of her experience of life. She is committed to influencing behavioural change through the experiential and profound use of humble enquiry. 

The practice of KaiFlow is underpinned by minimalism philosophy, Shaolin mind and flow state practices, sport psychology, and neuroscience. KaiFlow successfully unlocks potential and creativity and works for those who want to challenge the status quo.

KaiFlow has now released a card game as a way of democratising the transformative practice that has seen musicians, singers, pro surfers, CEOs, gold medalist athletes, and teams reshaping their worlds from the inside out. 

The essence of KaiFlow’s methodology is Rebel: Undo (undo and unlearn conditioning), Reconnect: Stand (for yourself and others) and Reshape: ReJack (reshape your world from the inside out). 

It isn’t about peak performance or perfection, to be better or improve, but rather to undo, unlearn, reconnect and restore. It’s about mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. 

Bodhi Eira Jones, the founder of KaiFlow, shares: ‘KaiFlow teaches you that you don’t need to change. You are perfect the way you are. No one does you better. It’s about changing the story you are about yourself and realising how valuable you are. This is what will change your world.’

During lockdown people are becoming increasingly disconnected. KaiFlow is making a difference by offering a fortnight’s access, with the purchase of a pack of cards, to Rebel Majesty – the online community platform where you can connect with others and play the game, access panel discussions, and creative immersions. 

Think back to the last time you felt at home with yourself… the last time you felt like you could do anything. That pulsing energy, that sense of euphoria – it’s not just a memory. It’s who you are.

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