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Potential Benefits and Risks: Hormone Therapy for Men Atlanta GA

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When someone mentions hormone replacement therapy (HRT) we usually think of women and the menopause. This is perfectly natural as that is perhaps the most common instance in which HRT is necessary. Menopause is a biological change in the body that is inevitable for a woman. It occurs when the ovaries stop producing eggs – in other words, when a woman’s reproductive lifespan comes to an end. It results in great hormonal changes that can have a dramatic effect.

In this article we want to look at when men may need HRT in Atlanta. It is not as commonplace as for women, and nor is it – as we shall see – always biological, but there is a condition known as andropause which is somewhat in line with menopause. So, why do hormones have such a big effect on people – men and women – and when might a man wish to undergo HRT? We’ll begin with a simple explanation of what hormones are.

What do hormones do?

If you want to look closely at a respected Atlanta clinic that provides hormone therapy for men click that link and you will learn a lot. So, hormones: what are they, and what are they for?

Think of the human body as a machine, a complex one at that. We have many components – our vital organs among them – and then there’s the central nervous system that controls every aspect of our lives. If you want to lift a finger, for example, the brain sends a message to that finger via the nervous system to get it to move.

Hormones play a part in our everyday life. They are produced by various glands in the body. In men, one hormone in particular is fairly dominant: testosterone. Produced by the testes, testosterone is vital in sexual performance and in gaining an erection. When a man is aroused, the hormones act as chemical messages and send a message to the other organs to increase blood flow to the penis. This is what creates an erection.

Yet, testosterone is not only a sexual performance aid. Bodybuilders take testosterone supplements to build muscle mass and bone density. It also has a great effect on our cognitive performance and mental health. Low testosterone leaves a man not only ineffective sexually but also feeling pretty poor and low.

Now, as we have said the woman’s hormonal change comes about biologically. This is an unusual case with some men, but it is generally influenced by lifestyle choices. Let’s now talk about what can cause a man to stop producing testosterone in the right quantities.

Why does male hormone production slow down?

Usually HRT for men is prescribed when a patient is having problems sexually. They may suffer from a lack of interest in sex, be unable to get an erection – known as erectile dysfunction or ED – and may start feeling depressed, suffer low self-esteem and just generally be out of sorts.
Usually andropause – as we call it – occurs in men over 50, when their body naturally starts to slow down in all of its processes. However, ED and associated symptoms can occur in much younger men and may be influenced by the following:

  • Heavy smoking
  • Excess alcohol
  • Diabetes
  • Poor diet
  • Lack of exercise
  • Mental health issues
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Relationship problems

The above is not a comprehensive list but merely one that gives an overview of the problem. What is interesting – and important – is that several of the above can be symptoms of another. For example, ED can be a result of mental health problems as well as a cause of them. The same goes for diabetes, and also for the relationship and depression items.

For this reason, if a man is suffering any of the above – including ED – it is vital he seeks a diagnosis so that the correct HRT can be devised and implemented. Be aware that to be accepted onto a course of HRT you will need to guarantee to the consultant that you will change any of the habits we have mentioned that can be a cause of the problem. As this is far from easy to do for many men, there will be professional help in this area as part of the treatment offered.

So, what is HRT, and how does it work?

What is hormone therapy Atlanta?

HRT takes many forms yet the method being used most widely now is that which replaces the lost hormone production with ‘bioidentical hormones.’ This is opposed to the former most popular method which was to use synthetic hormones. Bioidentical hormones are created in a laboratory to be as close in identity to those already in the body. This makes them a lot more efficient that the previous synthetic versions.

You will be required to undergo a number of regular treatments and the method of administering bioidentical hormones will be one of the following:

  • Pills taken orally, usually on a daily basis
  • Injections regularly given at a clinic
  • Creams or patches that can be put on the skin
  • Pellet HRT in which small pellets containing the hormone are inserted under the skin and secrete the substance over time

Whichever is best for you will depend upon your personal circumstances, the conditions you are suffering from, and the decision of the consultant who is expert in devising such programs. It should be said that more often than not the pellet method is the chosen one and the most efficient.

Is HRT safe?

HRT in all of its forms has been prescribed and administered for many decades. The usual risks with any such procedures are present – allergic reactions, for example, and soreness where the skin needs incisions such as with the pellet method. Bioidentical hormones make the procedure even safer as they reduce the risk of contamination. If you want to live a more enjoyable life we recommend you talk to your doctor now about HRT and get a referral to your local Atlanta clinic.

David Tobin did his degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. He is interested in mental health and well-being.

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