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Call for Submissions from Postgraduate Students and Early Career Researchers


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British Psychological Society Seminar Series 2019
Exploring the potential for creative and arts-based methods for applied psychological research

21 May 2019

University of Bath
Visualising and storying applied psychology

Confirmed speakers

  • Hannah Frith (University of Brighton)
  • Dawn Mannay (Cardiff University)
  • Harriet Shortt (University of West of England)
  • Naomi Moller (Open University)

11 June 2019

Aston University, Birmingham
Piercing the mundane?

Confirmed speakers

  • Laura Radcliff (University of Liverpool)
  • Cathy Randle-Phillips (University of Bath)
  • Karen Rodham (Staffordshire University)

08 July 2019

University of the West of England
Telling stories in and about research

Confirmed speakers

  • Virginia Braun (University of Auckland)
  • Brett Smith (University of Birmingham)
  • Kip Jones (Bournemouth University)
  • Celia Kitzinger (Independent Scholar)

Submissions are invited for oral presentations and posters from postgraduate students (masters, professional doctorate and PhD) and early career researchers in psychology and related social and health science disciplines on the theme of the use of creative and arts-based methods for applied research.

Presentations can explore and reflect on the methodological aspects of research using creative and arts-based methods or present the results of research using such methods. Presentations do not need to be in the form of conventional academic presentations – we welcome creativity here too.

For ‘oral presentations’, we welcome both conventional presentations and poetry readings, performances – however you think you can best showcase the value of creative and arts-based methods for applied research. Similarly, we welcome both conventional poster presentations and creative and multi-modal exhibits.

Deadline for submissions: 01 March 2019

Please submit your abstract using the online submission form

There will be a total of up to nine slots for oral presentations across the seminar series, and a total of up to 60 slots for poster presentations. There are a small number of modest travel bursaries available for presenters. These will be allocated on a first come, first served basis (apply using the online submission form). Presenters are required to register to attend the relevant seminar and pay the required fee (the fee will be waived for those giving oral presentations). Registration will open in early 2019.

Do I need to be a psychologist to present or attend?

No – the focus is on applied psychological research but we welcome submissions from postgraduate students and early career researchers in related disciplines and fields such as nursing, psychotherapy, sociology and social work. Anyone with an interest in or curiosity about creative and arts-based methods are welcome to attend the seminar series.

Who counts as an early career researcher?

This is not something we will strictly monitor, but researchers who are <5 years post-PhD or working as postdoctoral fellows are two common definitions.

Who is organising and hosting the seminar series?

The seminar series is funded by a British Psychological Society seminar series competition award. The organising committee includes Victoria Clarke, Elizabeth Jenkinson and Nicola Holt at the University of the West of England, Rachel Shaw at Aston University and Cathy Randle-Phillips and Catherine Butler at Bath University. If you have any questions please contact: victoria.clarke@uwe.ac.uk

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