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Post-Holiday Cravings Exposed: New Data Reveals the Number 1 Takeaway Brits Crave After a Holiday

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If the thought of rustling up a meal for yourself and your family after jetting back to the UK after a sunny holiday fills you with dread, you’re not alone. New research shows that more than half of Brits (51%) order a takeaway on the day they return from their holiday. 

And why not? It’s quick, easy and lets you extend that holiday feeling for a few more hours before returning to reality.

The brains behind this research are meal kit provider, HelloFresh, who are riding the wave of the rise of the ‘fakeaway’. HelloFresh are encouraging families up and down the UK to cut back on ordering inby making homemade meals to replicate their favourite takeaway dishes. 

The majority of Brits surveyed admitted that Chinese dishes are their ultimate post-holiday takeaway of choice, with close to three in 10 [28%] claiming to have ordered Chinese food when arriving home. Following Chinese cuisine, almost a quarter of Brits (24%) opt for Italian takeaways, and just shy of a fifth (18%) seek the comfort of traditional British foods when they arrive home.

The data highlights that regionally, the amount of people who order takeaway food when they arrive home from holiday is highest in Newcastle – with just shy of two thirds (64%) admitting to doing this after their latest trip. By contrast, those in Norwich are least likely to order takeaway food after a holiday – with close to half (49%) saying they didn’t order a takeaway when arriving home from their most recent holiday.

Looking into different age groups returning from their holidays, holidaymakers aged between 25–44 are most likely to order an Italian takeaway when arriving home from holiday. Whereas, those aged 45 and over are most likely to opt for Chinese food to wash away those post-holiday blues.

Research also shows that holidaymakers returning from Turkey and Italy are most likely to order the native cuisine of the country they’ve been to when arriving home, perhaps to continue the holiday feeling for a little while longer.

HelloFresh’s Senior Recipe Development Manager, Mimi Morley, commented: “After a holiday, the last thing most of us want is the stress of meal prep and planning. A post-holiday takeaway is a popular choice for a reason – it’s convenient and comforting. At HelloFresh, we want to help families enjoy that same ease and indulgence without the extra cost. That’s why we’ve developed a range of fakeaway recipes including sweet and sour chicken and chipotle steak tacos that bring the flavours of your favourite takeaway dishes right to your kitchen, so you can savour that holiday feeling a little longer.”

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