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Positivity Wins in Business: Featuring Ruben Alvarez

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Why is it that most businesses do not reach massive success? Above all else, I came to realise that the fun, positive business owners are the ones who do better and create incredible cultures that their people thrive in.

If it really is that easy, then why do more people not follow this principle and choose happiness in their business?

It all comes down to three core items.

You aren’t having fun

Everyone knows what fun looks like. Everyone knows that if you invest your money into your office, your people and your customers when you see them having fun, you will too.

Sadly, business owners go the other way and keep the fun to their own personal life. When you come into your business all you see is stress. At the first sign of trouble, you throw in the towel, I mean all it does is cause you stress.

Make the change. Have fun with it.

You choose to see it as a business

A business is nothing more than people coming together and creating ideas than bringing them to life. Yes, a product or service needs to be shipped or delivered, but that’s just the byproduct.

A business really should be what you want it to be. There is a customer for every type of service or product out there, so why not define your business based on what you want it to be?

Stuck in an outdated mindset

The 70s taught us that people are expandable and the more hours you work, the better employee you are. Therefore, when an employee who is a great person arrives 2 minutes late daily, our ego says they are disrespecting us. We overlook that they get their work done on time and that they encourage others.

No, they are a bad employee by standards others set in place. We need to make an example of them, cause them to have resentment towards work, then quit. Once they are gone, then we scratch our head and wonder why we can’t find good people?

Create a positive work environment

Create your business around a fun, light and dynamic culture. Leave out the stress and anxiety and you will see returns in your customer satisfaction, employee retention and incoming revenue.

Tommy Williamson did his degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. He has an ongoing interest in mental health and well-being.

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