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Popular Amulets and Meaning

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An amulet is also called a good luck charm or a talisman. Since ancient times people have believed that amulets can protect the wearer from harm and bring good luck and health. It is said that amulets get their power from the magical and mystical world. 

Amulets today are very trendy. They are oftentimes given as gifts to protect the ones we love. Giving a gift of protection or health and wealth is the ultimate way of telling people that you care about them.

Here are some popular amulets and their meaning:

Evil eye

The amulet known as the evil eye is a form of protection for the wearer against malevolent glares and thoughts from jealous or evil people. The evil eye can be worn as an amulet on your wrist or neck or hung in your house or business to protect against bad luck and form a shield of protection. The traditional blue colour of the evil eye attracts good karma and positivity and protects you against anyone that has cursed you, your home or your business,in order to be protected bye evil eye,the best way is wearing evil eye bracelet,check umisoul shop 

Hamsa hand

The hamsa hand is used across the world by many religions as a symbol of the existence of a higher power. People wear this amulet as a sign of their spiritual belief in a Supreme Being. It shows the wearer has trust and faith in divine spiritual power. Wearing the hamsa hand lets the wearer focus on their goals and aspirations and is also instrumental in protecting the wearer.

Crystals column

It is vital to know the metaphysical properties of a crystal before you decide which crystal to use as an amulet. Every crystal vibrates at a different level of energy to attract the purpose that you are asking for. Crystals are very powerful as they interact with the human physical and ethereal body.

  • Clear crystal. Clear Crystals bring harmony, calmness and physical healing into your life.
  • Rose quartz crystal. These rose-coloured crystals bring unconditional love, positive affirmations, and calmness to your being.
  • Smoky quartz crystal. Smoky crystals improve health, attract positivity and provide protection.
  • Agate crystal. These crystals attract love and wealth, provide protection,and give emotional strength.
  • Jasper crystal. Jasper crystals bring relaxation, balance, and healing.

Tree of life

The tree of life is a symbol across the world since ancient times, and represents the cycle of life from a seed, to a sapling, then a small tree and eventually growing into a big strong tree. The roots of the tree penetrate deep into the earth, gaining nourishment to grow while the trunk of the tree shows the strength of support. The branches that grow in different directions represent the branches of our ancestry and families. The leaves that unfurl after a long winter show that there is always new life and the fruit that the tree bears is given to us as sustenance. 

The tree of life shows us the inter-connectedness between us and the universe and is a reminder that although we might feel alone, we are never alone, we are a part of something bigger. 

This ancient universal symbol represents wisdom, strength, courage,immortality and growth as shown in each cycle of the life of the tree and it confirms that in our lives we must grow strong and gain knowledge through continuous cycles of regrowth.

Elephant charm

Elephants bring positivity and are associated with good luck, power, success,  wisdom and experience. Elephants are sociable animals and are regarded  as a symbol of loyalty, compassion, and unity. 

The lucky elephant originated in Southeast Asia and India where they are revered and worshipped in spiritual depictions. The Hindu God Ganesha is shown with an elephant head and is considered to be the god that brings luck, success, and wisdom. The God Indra is mostly seen with a strong elephant by his side.

Many people believe that if the elephant’s trunk points upward the elephant will shower blessings and good fortune. There is a proverb that says, ‘Place a lucky elephant at the entrance to your home to keep away bad fortune.’

Red string bracelet,check here

Wearing a red string bracelet attracts all things that are positive, drawing good luck, health, wealth, and abundance in all things to the wearer. This symbolic meaning has ancient origins, and it has been accepted by many cultures that wearing the sacred red thread brings ‘untold blessings’. 

Sages and ancient texts state that the left side is the receiving side. According to Chinese legend the red string of fate is what binds you to your soul mate. It is said that the red string of fate will lead you to the right person to marry. 

Giving a friend or sibling the gift of a red string bracelet means that you are giving a symbol of protection and you are connected to them spiritually.

Chakra bracelet

There are seven chakras in the body that correlate to a colour. Wearing the seven chakra bracelet will attract the properties of each chakra to your energy centres.

  • Root chakra. The root chakra relates to feeling grounded and secure emotionally and physically and is represented by red jasper.
  • Sacral chakra. The sacral chakra is associated with sexuality, sensuality and pleasure, the orange stones are used to energize this chakra.
  • Solar plexus chakra. This chakra relates to our personal power in the World. Represented by tiger’s eye, and the yellow in the tiger’s eye will energize our solar plexus chakra.
  • Heart chakra. The heart chakra is the centre of love and compassion and the beautiful green aventurine will unblock this chakra.
  • Throat chakra. The throat chakra is the centre of communication to the world and the blue sodalite crystal will aid this chakra.
  • Third eye chakra. The third eye chakra gives insight and awareness and aids intuition. This chakra is energised by using the amethyst crystal.
  • Crown chakra. Enlightenment is associated with the crown chakra and the clear quartz crystal will open your energy centre to full enlightenment.

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