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PODO Clinic and Workshop Awarded a European Award for Biomechanics in 2023

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PODO Clinic and Workshop is delighted to have received a European Award for Biomechanics at a ceremony at the Ritz in Paris. This is the second year in a row that PODO has received the award.

PODO’s founder, Christophe Champs, works with clients to help correct postural and biomechanical issues that are causing pain or putting a client at risk of injury. Using a personal and immersive process, PODO allows patients to truly understand what their problems are, identify and isolate the root causes, and find out what they can expect from a conservative approach. Providing support to the entire body, PODO aims to prevent injuries and uneven wear and tear within the ankle, knee, hip, and facet joints of the spine while reducing unnecessary muscle fatigue associated with misalignment.

The European Awards are designed to recognise professional excellence and the good work of companies and entities from various sectors. The winners are people whose professional careers demonstrate effort, determination, and creativity, and the awards strive to offer gratitude for their contribution, which “makes us look to the future with hope”. They also aim to ensure that the work and value of the winners are recognised internationally.

In the case of PODO London, the European Award recognises the work the clinic has done since it was founded in 2016, and specifically in 2023. It acknowledges Christophe’s methods of looking at the entire body to assess posture, biomechanics, and gait and create a treatment plan that fits into each client’s lifestyle, as well as all of their shoes. It considers and appreciates the work that has been undertaken with numerous athletes and subsequent medals won at the Commonwealth Games, the Giro di Italia, and the breaking of the world hour record in track cycling in 2022.

Christophe said: “It was an honour to receive a European Award last year, and it gave me the motivation to build even further upon that recognition. It has driven the work of PODO London to a new level in 2023, really concentrating on how biomechanics are important for the whole body, from the feet right up to the neck. I am so delighted to receive another award in recognition of what we have achieved in 2023. I am looking forward to an exciting year ahead, with plans for expansion and further improvements for our wonderful PODO clients.

“The best part of winning this award is that the successes of the athletes and other clients we work with and help at the clinic are what lead to the success of the clinic itself.”

In 2024, among other plans, PODO aims to tackle, from the ground up, the outbreak of knee injuries in women’s football.

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