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Place of Your Desired Vacation in 2023: Munich

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Do you smell the intoxicating aroma of beer coming from six breweries? Do you hear the noise of people flowing through the streets like a river of beer celebrating Oktoberfest? Are you surrounded by Gothic-style street buildings that immerse you in medieval Germany? No, but you have an unbearable desire to do it all? So plan your next holiday in Munich as soon as possible.

From its outstanding museum collection to its brewing scene, Munich is a fascinating city. You must visit the Bavarian city if you want to experience the greatest beer, delicious cuisine and eco-parks. One of the major air hubs in Europe and a significant aviation hub in Germany is Munich Airport. 28 km northeast of Munich is where the airport is situated. Munich Airport has two train stations. In front of both station doors are parking places for an airport taxi.

Booking Munich airport transfers in advance is advised if you are aware of the precise day and time of your departure. In this scenario, a taxi driver from AtoB airport taxi will meet you at the Munich airport terminal and transport you to the starting point of your trip. The driver will assist you in carrying your bags to your destination after it has been securely loaded into the airport transfer. 


Walking through the streets of this luxurious place, you will definitely smell fresh hops, brewer’s yeast, and the sound of full glasses of beer meeting each other during toasts. Trust your curiosity and visit this historic restaurant. Feel like Mozart in his time. You didn’t imagine it when you read this composer’s name because this is the place he liked to visit. Even in honour of this significant event, his portrait is placed in one of the halls.

The historical aspect of this place is that it used to be a court brewery, and now any visitor can taste a frothy drink according to the recipe of German brewing philosophy. If you want to follow the historical path of this institution, which dates back to 1607 and is being created every second, then take a look at the museum next door, which is dedicated to the exceptional history of this institution. So don’t waste your time, reserve an airport taxi, grab a glass of beer and immerse yourself in the philosophy of German brewing.

BMW Museum

When you visit Munich, you should book an airport taxi and visit this museum, even if you are not interested in cars. You will definitely be fascinated by the philosophy of the engineers of this automotive concern. The history that this museum hides in itself will undoubtedly impress you because the path of these cars began with engines to aircraft.

Don’t be surprised, at one time this brand produced engines for aircraft, but after the end of the First World War and the signing of the Treaty of Versailles, Germany was forbidden to produce aircraft. Therefore, it was decided to start manufacturing brake systems used in trains, which were one of the drivers of the economy at the time. But the guide will tell you about everything in more detail and in chronological order, and he will gladly become your friend for a few incredible hours that will fly by as fast as if you were driving a BMW 6 Gran Turismo on the motorway.

Also, the museum has direct exhibits from their first cars to motorcycles and aircraft engines as a tribute to their origins. Even the museum not only lifts the curtain on the past but also opens up the future for the vases. One of the exhibits is a hydrogen-powered car, which is where the company sees its future development. So,  hurry up, take the AtoB airport transfer and visit this museum. It will not be surprising if, after getting acquainted with the philosophy of this manufacturer and the impression made by the museum, you want to buy a car of this concern.


If your kids are travelling with you, be sure to come to Legoland. Even if you went on holiday without children, give yourself the opportunity to remember these emotions when you were a child. The gates of the park will be open for you for 8 months. During this time, an incredible number of people get acquainted with the incredible world of Lego. 

The park has 8 zones divided into different themes. For convenience, it is better to use a mini-train that runs between these locations. Do not pass by and pay attention to the location decorated in the style of pirates. You will be eager to shout out “Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum”. It’s really cool to feel like one of the Lego men in this fairy-tale world.

What’s more, the kids travelling with you can take a driving course, pass the exam and get a driving license. If you want to plunge into this fabulousness, it is better to rush because tickets are sold out in advance, so book your tickets and an AtoB airport taxi immediately. And then continue to other places in Munich that will introduce you to local traditions.

Andechs Monastery

The tradition of Bavarian brewing is closely linked to the religious life of the region – the highest quality beers have been brewed in the breweries of the Benedictine monasteries for centuries For centuries beer has remained an essential part of the life of any monastic household, as it has helped the novices to survive the long and harsh weeks of fasting.

At one time, monks lived here and brewed beer in the German tradition. Nowadays, in Andechs Monastery there is a plant for the production of this drink. An indispensable feature of this place is that you can enjoy traditional dishes. Therefore, go here by Munich airport transfer to chill in the shade with a cool dark beer, taste classic German sausages with beer, and feel like a German brewer of that time.

German Museum

Would you like to see all the areas in which humanity has developed at once? Then the doors of the museum are open and waiting for your Munich airport transfer. The museum features exhibits ranging from glassmaking to human space exploration. But be very careful, because it takes a lot of time to get acquainted with everything. It is impossible to say whether a week will be enough for you to thoroughly explore the hall dedicated to a particular industry.

The total number of all expositions is up to 28 thousand. The hall dedicated to aviation has a significant number of functioning aircraft. And it is so incredible and exciting when these metal giants stand next to you and you can touch them, and some are suspended on cables from the ceiling and it seems as if they have taken to the sky again and are looking down on you. The museum itself began to assemble its incredible collection of various exhibits in 1903. 

Your child can try out some of the professions such as engineer, ship captain or even firefighter. For this purpose, the museum has a separate place called the “children’s kingdom”. Therefore, the museum cordially invites you and knows that you will definitely reserve an airport taxi and come back to see the expositions that you did not have time to see.

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