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A Place to Be True: Tellme.place – A Unique Online Platform for Anonymous Soulmate Matching Is Launched

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Tellme.place is proud to announce the launch of the highly anticipated online platform for matching soulmates by reading and sharing stories. The platform aims to create a safe and comfortable space for storytelling, find people to talk on the bothering issues and help others with your experience. 

A story can be published completely anonymously, but the platform also allows you to get in touch with the author, by mutual consent. Thus, readers will be able to learn more about the problem or situation that is important for them, get help or give someone helpful advice. The platform serves as a meeting place, a kind of “confessional box” where the user can speak out, find support and remain anonymous. According to researchers, the aspects of unburdening and getting support, are leading to the alleviation of symptoms or even prevention of some common psychological diseases.

How does it work? 

After a short registration, users can share their experience or learn about the experience of others. There’s an opportunity to become an author – to share a story that worries you or share what you’ve been through overcoming certain difficulties. If you want to learn more from the author, you can arrange a meeting online via Google Meet. Therefore, you get a chance to find someone with the same problem as you and learn more on this issue from them. You’re able to reveal your identity or remain anonymous without turning your camera on – it’s up to you. You are the only one to define a safe zone in which you are comfortable to communicate.

Do we really need to talk that much ?

According to Cigna, before the pandemic, Gen Z was considered as the loneliest age group – 79% of young people experience loneliness on a daily basis. The pandemic and need for self-isolation have further exacerbated this problem. According to the study, 36% of people say they’ve felt more lonely than usual during the pandemic. 35% feel a general sense of emptiness at work and only 47% of employees experiencing loneliness are generally able to work.

Each year, more people are facing mental problems, largely because of society being unsupportive to them. While having inner problems, people tend to consider themselves alone and without information exchange, usually have a feeling that they are the only one experiencing this issue. In such a mental condition people become self-contained and unhappy. Tellme.place was aimed to create a specific environment – a place for a virtual meeting of people who are united by a common psychological theme. 

Right place is the key

Narrative psychology is the main principle on which the platform relies, meaning that writing a story can streamline the author’s experience. 

Within the platform’s framework, this principle works in the following directions:

  • #1: the user gets free from the worrying experience by writing it in the form of a story. According to this principle, the mind and thoughts are relieved, and the overall mental state is improving.
  • #2: to be heard by others. Discovering that your story gets the interest of other users or receiving feedback, gives you the understanding that you, the sense of community, the feeling that you are not alone, that you are not isolated by your problem.
  • #3: to find a soulmate. In real life, finding a person with the same problems as yours is quite a challenge. It is also clear that usually we are ashamed to talk about our most inner problems openly, especially if they are concerning our workspace. The online environment gives an opportunity to meet people around the world for communication and information exchange, and it is particularly great to have the common place to meet.  

Tellme.place is created with the idea to help people and to unite them, give them the opportunity to speak out and to be heard, to find like-minded soulmates or even mentors, and much more. All it takes is to post your story, be brave enough to share it. Be sure to remember that you will not only get help but also be able to help others.

About Tellme.place

Tellme.place is a global online environment to talk about the things that are important to you. Users can write their story and get support from other people who have been through the same. The platform allows users to share their stories, ask for help or share their experience that might be helpful for others. Users can get connected through a story and discuss it on a video call. The platform also features podcasts that might help in self-reflecting and self-understanding in an auditory way.

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