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Pisces New Moon: Expert Reveals the Best Gemstones to Help Manifest Your Dreams

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It’s time to charge up your crystals as we enter the new moon of Pisces from 20th February–19th March, but which ones should you place under the new moonlight to charge?  

New moons always mark new beginnings, and in particular, the Pisces new moon is known for being the time when people harness their emotions, manifest their goals and achieve the future they dream of. 

To help with this, ethical jewellery brand, Sacet, has revealed the popular gemstones we can find in our jewellery boxes that can help with our manifestations and calm our emotions. 

Clear Quartz

To begin with, you need to understand exactly what it is you want to manifest. The best crystal for this is clear quartz, which helps to acknowledge what you want and clarify what you most desire. 

Diamonds and Lab-Grown Diamonds

The astrological powers of diamonds and lab-grown diamonds link to creativity, financial success and emotional well-being. Therefore, lab-grown diamonds are the perfect stone for those seeking to increase their creative flair and reach new heights within their financial status. 


If you want to calm your emotions, it’s time to charge your emeralds under the new moon’s light. Linked to the heart chakra, emeralds help the wearer find balance and harmony, bringing peace to all aspects of their life. 


Known as the ‘wisdom stone’, sapphires are great if you manifest personal growth. Whether you’re looking to become an expert within your job or want to stimulate concentration to help you focus more, sapphires will help your knowledge to grow and give you more depth of thought. 


For those who want to focus their energy on tapping into their emotions, ruby is one gemstone to wear. Known as the ‘King of Gems’, the ruby has healing qualities that help reduce stress and enhance inner peace for the wearer. 

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