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The Pioneering Brain Innovation Doctor Revolutionising the Recovery Industry Worldwide

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Dr Kimberley Linert was destined to make a positive impact on the world at a young age. Born in Michigan to an engineer father and a teacher mother, her educational journey began in a five-room country schoolhouse. As she progressed through her Christian education, her talents continued to shine.

Kimberley, the older sister to a younger brother and sister, excelled in various areas. “I used to take three buses to school. I was a shy, observant child, but I soon found myself involved in some unconventional activities, like being part of a marching band,” reminisced Kimberley. Her upbringing, filled with love and support, laid a strong foundation for her future.

She pursued a major in biology and chemistry, showcased her talent in theatre and radio, and even served as a newspaper editor for a time. This nurturing environment greatly influenced Kimberley, with the only challenge stemming from going through a divorce when she was pregnant with her third child.

Life journeys sometimes take a well-shaped course, and Kimberley moved to Chicago to study behavioural optometry.  With a strong academic background, she earned her doctorate and swiftly became a leader in vision therapy and the behavioural aspects of brain function related to movement and eye health. She is a hands-on learner and discovered that she got exponentially faster, sustainable results by revising her vision therapy into a process in which vision training comprises 30% and brain training and movement make up 70%.

Thus began the creation of Optic BrainFit. Kimberley’s work with athletes and individuals engaged in high-performance activities produced groundbreaking results. In 1999, a devastating event struck as her father was involved in a near-fatal car accident on an icy road. While it was a tragedy for her family, Kimberley, who has always sought answers in the Bible, used the experience as motivation to change people’s lives and help them reach their peak potential.

As a member of CEO Space alongside some of America’s leading professionals, Kimberley has emerged as a sought-after expert, sharing her insights on prominent stages worldwide and focusing on key peak performance topics. In 2017, her book, Visualizing Happiness in Every Area of Your Life, captivated audiences and transformed the self-development industry’s approach to this area.

Kimberley continues to conduct powerful workshops across the globe, and her latest innovation, “Optic BrainFit”, is a pioneering process that blends vision, movement, and mental exercises to help individuals achieve their highest potential. This innovative approach has gained recognition among celebrities, top professionals, and sports personalities.

Kimberley Linert, who interviews major personalities on her platform “The Incredible Life Podcast Show, remains dedicated to her incredible journey, opening up the world to provide people not only with opportunities for peak performance but also the skills to harness their gifts and reach their full potential.

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