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PinkNews To Hold Inaugural Ageing Summit

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News outlet PinkNews will host its inaugural Ageing Summit, with the aim of launching a new programme to foster intergenerational bonding within the LGBT+ community.

The UK’s population is ageing. In 2041, 20.4 million UK residents will be over 65s, making up 26% of the total population. This increase in numbers is broadly equivalent to the size of the population of London today.

To bring awareness to the challenges this poses to the older LGBT+ community, PinkNews will host its first-ever Ageing Summit on 14th May 2019. By bringing together decision makers from all corners of society, this programme hopes to campaign for change on behalf of LGBT+ older people, in housing, healthcare, social care and access to finance.

The event will be a one-day conference with over 100 delegates, ranging from politicians engaged with LGBT+ and older persons’ issues, activists, healthcare practitioners and finance industry professionals, in attendance.

In preparation for the event, PinkNews has commissioned a research report to focus the day’s conversation on the most relevant issues. The aim of the report is to form the basis of any policy recommendations that experts make and provide a piece of research that anchors any further lobbying from the PinkNews campaign.

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