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New Pilot Scheme Launched to Help Improve Mental Health Care for Patients

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News Release, (2022, October 12). New Pilot Scheme Launched to Help Improve Mental Health Care for Patients. Psychreg on Mental Health & Well-Being.
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Patients seeking mental health care will have access to more efficient services thanks to a new pilot scheme launched by Health Education England.

Speciality and Associate Specialist (SAS) doctors in psychiatry are being allowed to train as approved clinicians.

This allows them to take on more responsibility and make higher-level decisions about patients.

In turn, patients have access to a dedicated clinician who is equipped to deal with their precise needs and can support them throughout their journey of care.

The reform of the Mental Health Act means more approved clinicians are needed to care for patients. The initial pilot for the SAS scheme offers 42 places.

Professor Wendy Burn, HEE’s National Mental Health clinical advisor, said: ‘I’m delighted that HEE is launching this exciting pilot to support SAS doctors to become recognised as approved clinicians. SAS doctors are essential to our medical workforce, and this programme will improve their ability to provide good patient care.’

The approved clinician training will include protected time for learning and a fully-funded mental law course.

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