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The Best Pigeon Control Solutions: Birth Control, Spikes, Netting and More

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Pigeons are considered to be the number one worst bird pest problem throughout the world. They were once considered messenger birds, but due to the technological era, they aren’t needed anymore. Thus, they have become useless and irritating creatures roosting on roofs and contaminating properties. 

Not only have they been known to be attracted to cities, but they also find it very comfortable to live around humans. Getting rid of these pests is not an easy task. By using one or more of the following pigeon control techniques, you could get rid of these pests easily.

Pigeon birth control

Birth control is effective, and one of the most favorable long-term solutions to control pigeons’ population growth. Birth control programs are basically the disruption of constant breeding. They control the repopulation of a flock which causes the population to decline gradually. 

Various birth control baits restrain the hatching capabilities of pigeon eggs. For better results, the birth control baits should be used before the breeding season. 

The invention of the birth control program has provided us with a productive and inexpensive method. Besides, it is an easily manageable and uncomplicated reproduction reduction process that is far more effective than other long term methods. 

Pigeon birth control focuses entirely on the elimination of reproduction in the fast-breeding pigeons. Moreover, you can be officially guilt-free as these birth control baits do not harm the existing pigeon, and they spend happy natural lives, by the end of which, you can be relieved of them. Do you know that a pigeon has a short life span of just three to five years?


A pigeon spike is a piece of equipment consisting of long and narrow rods that are needle-like. These long rods sway in the wind preventing birds from roosting upon any roofs, ledges, window sills or any other place that they are installed on. 

Spikes are beneficial as they do not harm birds but instead just keep them away. A pigeon spike is a good short term solution for immediate pigeon control. The natural instinct in pigeons scares them and keeps them away from spiked rooftops, thus solving your pigeon problem.


Bird netting, as the name suggests, is a net used to prevent pigeons from reaching certain areas. These can be bought online or even in your nearest bird store. 

Netting comes in various shapes and sizes. You can install bird netting in your balcony, gardens, roofs or wherever you want a pigeon-free zone.


In most of the architectural designs today, you will find bird coils attached to the ledges of buildings and structures. These coils are long, narrow and made of stainless steel. They destabilise the ledges and prevent pigeons from perching on the roofs. 

Furthermore, they are totally harmless as their curves are smooth and do not injure the pigeons at all. Coils are an efficient way to get rid of pigeons and prevent them from roosting or settling down in a certain area.

Deterrent flags

Bird deterrent flags are a creative and colorful way to get rid of pigeons. These are long flags on poles that swing and sway with the wind. Their sudden movements instill fright in the pigeon, and they avoid landing in places where a bird deterrent flag is installed. 

Also, bird deterrent flags beautify your property. You can try various bright colors for them to become eye-catching and more effective against pigeons. You can either buy one online or make a DIY bird deterrent flag at home.

Super-sonic bird chasers

A supersonic bird chaser is a mechanical device that emits natural predator hoots and signals. These are transmitted after every 10 minutes and cover a vast area of one acre.

Birds hear them and keep away as their natural instinct warns them of possible dangers in the area.

Repellent Gels

Repellent gels are sticky transparent gels that make the feet of the birds stick to any surface. The natural instincts in birds kick in, and they struggle to free their feet from the sticky surface. As birds hate to feel trapped, they would immediately fly away, never to return.

Chemical-free Repellent gels are also available so that these do not harm pigeons in any way.

Electric shock systems

Another applicable method to get rid of pigeons is a shock track system. In other words, it is an electric fence that provides birds with a current when they sit on it. This technological development consists of two wires that run throughout the track. The shock system is simply an improvised method of spikes that surpasses many of the qualities that spikes don’t provide. In addition, the shock system does not create a jolt that harms pigeons in any way; it just makes the surface uncomfortable by giving a small shock to their feet.

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