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World’s First $1 Million-Plus Rehab Centre Physis Recovery Offers Four Premier Locations

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The clinic is the world’s first $1 million-plus rehab centre with locations in four premier destinations. Clients can experience a luxurious stay in Phuket, Marbella, Mallorca, or Antigua, and undergo one of Physis Recovery’s extraordinary treatment packages.

Physis Recovery knows the pain that addiction causes. It tears families apart and destroys careers, causing sufferers to spiral out of control and turn to more drugs and alcohol. However, this is not standard rehabilitation centre, where patients attend sessions and sit out the day. The clinic is a fully-fledged treatment centre for Ultra High Net Worth Individuals suffering from substance abuse and process addictions.

Physis Recovery is a rehab for the super-rich. The Physis team is ideally positioned to understand and anticipate the needs of their ultra high net worth clients, and those whose lives are the subject of intense media scrutiny.

Clients can experience and undergo a variety of treatments such as intense psychotherapy, biochemical restoration, orthomolecular medicine, physical restoration, stem cell therapy, and biopharmaceutical treatment in the form of ibogaine and psilocybin (at certain locations). The centre provides a safe space for talented, creative, courageous and enigmatic people who are ready to reconnect with themselves to end their addiction, once and for all.

The treatment programme in Physis Recovery is not the same as in other rehabilitation centres. Treatment specialists at the centre recognise that each person’s addiction is different, which means that recovery programmes must be tailored to the needs of each individual. Another unique quality of the centre is its family programme, which allows clients and their families to experience treatment aboard a 125-foot luxury yacht sailing in the Andaman Sea.

The Physis Recovery Treatment Programme goes beyond what most people expect from an addiction rehab facility and offers clients far more than other clinics. The Physis Method covers the major pillars of treatment to ensure the very best chance of sustained long-term recovery.

  • Medical supervision
  • Intense psychotherapy
  • Value, determination, and process approach
  • Biomolecular restoration
  • Biopharmaceutical treatment
  • Orthomolecular medicine
  • 360 degree holistic methods
  • Existential connection

With exceptional results and significant demand Physis Recovery Rehab was awarded the accolade of Worlds Best and Most Luxurious Rehab by industry experts at Worlds Best Rehab Magazine.

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