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Photo Diary: A Day in the Life of an 8-Year Old on Summer Break

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Everyone appreciates different moments of beauty as they go about their day. The UK’s leading photo printing specialists, Max Spielmann, were curious about these moments, especially in a world where we can snap a photo and share it in seconds. But what if your snaps were limited?

Max Spielmann gave one of their infamous disposable cameras to seven people across the country and asked them to document a day in their life. These are the highlights for eight-year-old Ellie as we look into her 24 hours and what means the most to her in summer 2023.

Her cat

Ellie loves her cat. This much is obvious. But what kid doesn’t love their pet? This Halloween-esque kitty is featured in at least three of Ellie’s pics. We also get an insight into her cat’s day as we see him perched at the bottom of the stairs, on his way upstairs for an afternoon nap, slinking behind a living room curtain and hiding in the long grass basking in the sun. 

Her hobbies

Outside of school, it’s safe to say that the average kid spends a huge amount of their time doing what they love most, and that’s another part of her life that Ellie liked to take the most snaps of. As well as her pet cat, Ellie loves swimming, hula hooping, and reading – and she certainly looks like she’s making the most of her time away from the classroom!


Summer is the best time for being outdoors, and from her day in the life pictures, it looks like Ellie is a HUGE fan of nature. Her snaps include a glorious blue sky on a sunny day, towering, lush green trees, and plenty of ducks and geese in the local pond.

The park

Many of us will have fond memories of visiting the local park as a kid. You might remember feeding the ducks, learning to ride your bike, or getting dizzy on the roundabout.

It looks like Ellie will cherish memories for years, as this delightful location features heavily in Ellie’s day in life. Whether it’s the entrance, towering trees, or the woodland walk complete with animal sculptures, it’s pretty obvious that Ellie loves this place.

Her toys

Last but most certainly not least, in this day in life, we see how Ellie likes to wind down. Her bedroom is a delightful shade of baby pink, with matching bed covers, and she loves a splash of bright colour! Her neon teddy bear takes pride of place on her pink leopard print pillow case, and we see a rabbit teddy sitting comfortably on a couch beside a hot pink Nintendo Switch. Games and toys – what more could you want?

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