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Most Impressive Phonak’s Innovations

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The older we get, the poorer our hearing becomes. However, it’s difficult for even you to realize you are developing hearing loss. Often the people around you will be the ones to notice you are missing different sounds.

Fortunately, thanks to revolutionary hearing technology, you can still live a full and productive life. Phonak, a household name in the hearing technology industry, quickly emerged as a leading developer. Plus, it’s responsible for some of the most ground-breaking hearing products. This brand has a long-standing history of coming up with high-quality innovations and services. 

Their portfolio is more than impressive, from introducing the first-ever hearing aid with a rechargeable battery to the convenient Phonak online hearing test. Here are some of the innovations that make Phonak hearing technology impressive.

Bluetooth technology

Phonak Marvel is one of the first Bluetooth-enabled hearing aid. In fact, launched in 2018, it was the fits of its kind. It allows you to stream audio in stereo directly to and from any Bluetooth-enabled device. But that’s not all. Two years down the line, the brand launched Paradise that takes Bluetooth connectivity to the next level.

You can pair it with at least eight Bluetooth devices at a go. Impressive right? This type of technology made it possible for android users (and any other Bluetooth-compatible devices) to access direct stereo streaming and streaming from other devices. You can connect and stream high-quality sound, voice calls, and music.  However, there’s more. With Phonak’s PRISM chip, you can have up to two active Bluetooth connections.

Rechargeable hearing aids

Most hearing aids lack this vital feature. That’s why most users had to use their hearing devices sparingly and only when necessary. However, Phonak hearing aids have rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. These can power your hearing aids all day long, and you can quickly charge them for use next time.

Phonak PartnerMic

It’s often hard to hear over loud noises or in large and rowdy crowds, especially when you suffer from hearing loss. However, this external device from Phonak has proved handy in such situations. It allows you to hold a clear one-to-one conversation with exceptional voice clarity in noisy environments. All you have to do is clip the device on the other person’s lapel.

Roger Pen

In 2013, ROGER was launched. The name gives you the impression of a security agent confirming they received an order (roger that!). Well, if you think so too, then you are right on the mark. Phonak explains they choose the name because of its meaning- Received Order Given Expected Response.

Just like the Phonak PartnerMic, this device comes in handy in circumstances that make listening near impossible. For instance, if you are far from a friend and shouting is not an option, then the Roger Pen can help. Plus, if you find it difficult to discriminate noise in noisy situations. 

This accessory transmits signals straight to a hearing aid. For instance, a friend can speak directly to the pen mic, and you will receive the streaming through your hearing aid.

RogerDirect Technology

Phonak Marvel products lineup includes this sound technology. What makes it outstanding is its ability to improve your hearing aid performance even when you’re listening from a distance. Anyone who struggles to hear far-away sounds can use it. Plus, it also clarifies and helps discriminates conversations and sounds in noisy circumstances.

Final thoughts

Numerous accessories and features make Phonak stand out. All these offer good news to hard-of-hearing individuals globally as they get the chance to live productively like their peers. Regardless of your age, you can find the perfect hearing model to address your hearing loss.

Elena Deeley did her degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. She has an ongoing interest in mental health and well-being.

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