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Philip Karahassan is a registered MBACP psychotherapist, and is completing his MSc in Psychology at University of East London. His intent is to integrate the humanistic and scientific into his work so as to give a holistic understanding of the human condition.

He is the founder of Therapy in London, which not only offers psychotherapy in Central London and Liverpool street, but is an ever-growing resource of information on psychotherapy and issues surrounding mental health. His therapeutic specialisms include: tension, anxiety, addiction and relationship issues.  He is an integrative Psychotherapist and uses psychoanalytic, existential and humanistic approaches.

Karahassan has had extensive experience working with clients in a range of therapeutic fields including bereavement, substance misuse and general mental health throughout London within the NHS, Charity sector and private practice. He also writes a weekly blog, and is a contributor for the website psych-alive (on the subject of, the impact of technology on society and our mental health). He is currently undertaking the research topic of how mobile phones are changing the psychotherapeutic encounter. You can follow him and Therapy in London on Twitter  and Facebook

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Published: 20 November 2015

Last update: 23 August 2016

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