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Fully-Funded 3-Year PhD: Gender Stereotyping in the University

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Dear Postgraduates,

The University of Greenwich offers a prestigious fully-funded 3-year PhD Vice Chancellors Scholarship for the research project ‘Gender Stereotyping in the University’ to start on October 2018.

This exciting project is open to students from psychology, social sciences and research methods. You will be able to apply and broaden your knowledge in these fields to explore if university students have gender-specific expectations to their teachers and therefore judge male and female lecturers’ performances differently, although such differences may not be reflected in observable teaching behaviours. In this exciting PhD research, you will be able to apply qualitative research methods (e.g., open-ended surveys or semi-structured interviews analysed with thematic analysis) as well as some statistical analyses. You will have access to various software packages to conduct online surveys for data collection in various formats, and, if desired, also for video-based behavioural coding.

You will join our vibrant and supportive community of PhD researchers in the magnificent new Dreadnought building with cutting-edge teaching and learning facilities on the Greenwich Maritime Campus close to the City of London.

For further information, please contact the supervisor: Dr Jana Uher (j.uher@greenwich.ac.uk).

Submission Deadline: 21 September 2018
Interviews are expected to take before 05 October 2018

Source: University of Greenwich

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