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PhD Scholarship: Multimodal Discourse Analysis, UNSW

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The University of New South Wales (UNSW) is currently offering a new PhD scholarship, the ‘Scientia PhD Scholarship’, which provides generous funding and support, and which is aimed at attracting the best possible candidates, either from Australia or from overseas.
One of the scholarships will be in the area of multimodal discourse analysis. The project area is:
“Multimodal discourse analysis and intersemiosis: This project uses multimodal discourse analysis of contemporary media and communication, to elucidate how visual, verbal, digital, aural and/or spatial resources combine intersemiotically to produce effective and coherent texts.”
Applicants will need an edge of some sort, beyond the required academic excellence for any phd – evidence of research capacity, perhaps engagement in industry/community in some way, potential to make a future contribution, and so on.
If you know students who might be suitable, please alert them to this and get them to contact me directly(l.ravelli@unsw.edu.au). I’ll explain the process and will do the first round of vetting. If you can think of colleagues who might have suitable students, please alert them also. If you can think of any other email lists that might be helpful, please send the details to me.
As with all university initiatives these days, the time frames are absurdly short, so I would need to have initial contact from potential candidates no later than November 1. So it’s really urgent and I would really appreciate your help!
The general information is available on the university website.  Go to: http://www.2025.unsw.edu.au/apply (or alternatively, the UNSW homepage Australiaand search for ‘Scientia PhD Scholarship’).
Applicants then need to: 1) Select ‘UNSW Scientia PhD Scholarship’; (2) Select the strategic area: ‘Contemporary Humanities and Creative Arts’; and (3) Select ‘Media’. (This just brings up the project area I’ve described above and says to contact me, but it’s framed with the context and background of the initiative ie all the background.)
Thank you,
Louise RavelliAssociate Professor Louise 
School of the Arts and Media 
University of New South Wales 

2052 Australia

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