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PhD Opportunity: Psychological Sciences at the University of California, Merced

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The Psychological Sciences graduate programme at the University of California, Merced is recruiting motivated students interested in pursuing a PhD in Psychological Sciences. We offer an interdisciplinary training programme with a strong emphasis on conducting original empirical research. 

As one of the largest such programmes in the US, the eight faculty members of the Health Psychology programme conduct a wide range of research at the forefront of the intersection of psychological processes and physical health, including biopsychosocial processes related to health and risk behaviours, stress and coping, and management of health and illness problems. Traditional and innovative methods are combined and employed to study these issues in diverse populations varying in age, socioeconomic background, culture, and health conditions.

Human Health Sciences has been identified as one of the themes at our university to receive additional faculty lines and resources. Moreover, we have a well-developed interdisciplinary Health Sciences Research Institute and the PhD programme in Public Health provide further opportunities for interdisciplinary education and research collaborations

Students in good standing are eligible for year-round financial support, including payment of fees and tuition. The University of California, Merced is a dynamic new university campus which opened in 2005 as the tenth campus of the University of California and first American research university of the 21st century. The diversity of the campus community and the surrounding San Joaquin Valley region offers unique opportunities for conducting behavioural health research, especially research on the influence of cultural, linguistic, and socioeconomic factors.

The application deadline is on 15 January 2018. For more information about the application process or to submit an application, click here. For additional details on the Psychological Sciences programme, visit our website  or contact our graduate group chair, Jan Wallander (jwallander@ucmerced.edu).

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