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Pets Help Improve Our Mental Health and Well-Being

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As I sail to the nostalgic memories of my childhood a very soothing and pleasant transition maneuvers the soul and oozes the beauty of the life. The joy of coming home after a busy day with an unconditional love from a loyal companion does more than keeping you company. Yes, here I am referring to the pets. My pet fish named Mr Ziggy and Miss Zaggy.

Pets decrease stress, improves our overall health, and even help develop the emotional and social skills in everyday lives. They are my perfect companions that increase my self-esteem and positive emotions. I make sure that these are kept healthy and fit with nutritious food, love and affection with proper housing and care.

Carefree life

How do they talk to you? How do they sleep? My answer to these questions start with the fact that fishes are the best starter-pets for an individual to learn the responsibility of caring. These may not follow you to your bedroom like dogs or cats and will do all their things on their own. These tiny colours of the aquarium or big oceanic water bodies glide on serenely having a tranquil calming effect. Unlike other pets, these never develop anxiety or hypertensive behaviors when left alone in a vessel. These are just silent babies with no disturbances of a squawking barks to the neighbours or waking up the sleeping baby.


Engaging yourself to these little colorful entities really help with comfort and support to the mentally depressed individuals with a pleasing effect to the eyes. If someone is struggling with something, here are these to give you attention to reduce the anxiety. These are good mind boosters to help be focused all the time. Even at the hospitals the aquariums plays a big role in giving compassion and ease the pain from the disease to a great level. Studies reveal that animals show better social skills with sharing, cooperating thus inculcating better behaviors in the kids making then more calm.

Joyful colours

While these as pets may not work for everyone as it is tedious and involves more care of timely feeding and tank cleaning. These are little secret entities to communicate with. These provide a connection to nature full of colours. Fishes do not need to be groomed of have their teeth brushed. These do not even require a litter-box. These are very clean pets. Anyway, a little or a managed size aquarium simply adds to the beauty to the room or your house. 

Fascinating but wonder joy

Fish isn’t the temporary pet. If it dies because you forgot to feed it or you forgot to change the water, you will discreetly flush it down in the toilet. Will you do the same to your dog too? No. So the fishes too are pets after all. These have symbolic essential roles in various cultures. For many fish enthusiast, it is a priceless preparation with fascinating hobby to make these as a wonderful pet.

Jashan Jot Kaur is a researcher at Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana.

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