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Dr Petra Marcotti is currently an Associate Tutor in Psychology for the University of Essex Online. She is also currently doing a PGCE course, training to become a psychology teacher in further education.

Petra obtained a PhD in Psychology at the University of Sussex. Her PhD research examined the role of visual perspective during the retrieval of memory for events created in the laboratory. She is particularly interested in the use of naturalistic paradigms to study memory in controlled settings. For her research, she developed a novel paradigm using virtual reality and immersive 360-degree videos to study how retrieving past personal events from different visual perspective can later modify the subjective qualities and the accuracy of these memories.

She is originally Italian, but Brighton, where she currently lives, and the University of Sussex have been her ‘home’ since she moved to the UK. She in fact has a BA in Philosophy and Cognitive Science and an MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience from the same university.

She worked as an associate tutor for the Psychology Department at Sussex teaching Cognitive Psychology, Research Methods in Psychology, and Social Psychology. In her free time, she enjoys cooking as well as spending time with her two cats. She sits on the editorial board of Psychreg Journal of Psychology.

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