Pete D’Angelo

Pete D’Angelo, originally from the UK, lives in Japan. Pete is a qualified psychiatrist and moved on to become clinical and cognitive psychologist. He has PhD’s in Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy and Behavioural Analysis, and is currently working on his third PhD in Neuropsychology and researching gender identity disorder (GID). 

He own clinics in both Hiroshima and Tokyo, focusing on the treatment of a range of mental health disorders. He continues to practice and to conduct research with his main focus on GID. Prior to coming to Japan, Pete owned mental health clinics in London and Manchester and also had business interests in IT, technology and research projects.

It’s a busy life but delightfully rewarding, not only from a financial standpoint but in so many ways. Pete has always believed that you get out of life only that which you take, not necessarily that which you earn. As such, he will continue to take as much as possible with no apologies and most importantly, he will enjoy the journey. 

You can connect with him on Twitter @ice9japan

Credits: Dr Pete D’Angelo

Published: 03 December 2016

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