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Personality Diversity – How Diverse Are You?

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The key factor to know the personality is understanding the different theories of extroversion and introversion quite apparent in the psychological literature. Such personality labels helps to understand ourselves in a nice way but these labels aren’t much useful an accessory as to who we actually are. For example, extroversion is how a person uses his or her energy externally or internally to understand the response to the external stimuli. These may seem helpfully simplistic but may not account to our needs in specific. I consider these personality traits as more of a spectrum than a label where one can land between the two ends –being energised (extrovert) or with depleted energy (introvert) or ambivert. So let’s dive into this spectrum.

Life of the party: extrovert

Being extrovert feels use of more facial expressions than words as more significant and giving preference to social stimuli. But this may not mean that energy is same. Some may find refreshed going out on dates, meeting friends and friends of friends or interacting with others. Being naively optimistic, labeled as anxious or having a large circle of friends is considered as high behaviors of thinking loud, bouncing off many ideas and being expressive thus making fewer rational decisions. Extroverts are known to find a silver lining on a cloudy day. But to some faking extroversion may backfire when one is not authentic towards his or her personality or needs.

A wallflower: introvert

It is the omnipresent belief that being introvert is alpha and comfortable in its own niche of the spotlight. I feel introversion is where the energy comes from and how it is put to use as these are little action oriented and more likely to be reflected as processors without interruption. They are more a good listener with more focused activities and preferring to be in close-knit groups and enjoy the activities like journaling, listening music and more along with not being in the spotlight. Who knows they might make a good boss. I would define introversion as being perceptive, agreeable, empathetic, cooperative and analytical.

The hidden powers

Who are those leaning on the combination of being extrovert and introvert –Ambiverts, exerting their energy differently flipping back and forth depending upon what the situation is and how they feel. They are opportune to socialize and feel best with the loners. These are more flexible and flip-floppers as I would say. Hence, ambiverts are moderators hiding their traits to be adjusted to any side of the spectrum  with a good grasp of how to fit in the either of the shoe.

Complex intricacies

The dimensions of the dichotomous halves are more of assertive and gregarious extroverts with thoughtful and private individuals. Hence this spectrum is complex of the individuals in the world full of varied constructs. Despite of the various stigmas in the society, no one trait is better than the other. So, embrace who you are and never be hesitant to try couple of other traits now and then.

Jashan Jot Kaur is a researcher at Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana.

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