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Here Is Why Today Is the Perfect Time to Rearrange Your Bedroom

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If your bedroom needs an update, it could seem like there is never a wrong moment to organise and declutter. However, it might be worthwhile to wait a few more days before completely changing your space and here’s why. 

New research shows that rearranging your space is most auspicious when done in line with the full moon.

Bed retailer Bensons for Beds aims to help Britain find peace and harmony in their living space by providing tips for the perfect feng shui bedroom layout. New data reveals searches for ‘feng shui bedroom’ are on the rise, averaging 4,400 monthly searches. With the same term reaching peak popularity on Google Trends, it seems the UK are seeking ways to declutter and rearrange their sleeping space.

According to the principles of Feng Shui, a new moon signals new beginnings. It’s a great time to set new intentions for your home. Consider using the few days before the new moon to start new things in your life and refresh your space for the month ahead. Decide on the energy you wish to call in and avoid unneeded worry. Allow the new moon to inspire you! 

According to celebrity psychic and spiritual expert Ibaal Honigman: “The new moon is great for a fresh start, so rearranging as the moon first starts shining its new, pale rays is auspicious.”

In line with the lunar calendar, Bensons reveals the next best date to reorganise your bedroom is today (30th August) and then after that, 29th September and 28th October. 

An interiors expert from Bensons commented: “While you may be used to waiting for an annual spring clean, spring isn’t the only time for a home rearrangement or bedroom makeover. Taking regular opportunities to refresh your bedroom space, declutter your home and reset your sleeping environment is a much better plan that, according to feng shui, should positively affect your well-being.”

Timing isn’t the only significant factor when it comes to feng shui. Find out how you can use bedroom furniture to declutter and add symmetry with further expert tips from Feng Shui consultants at Bensons for Beds.

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