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The Perfect Christmas Gift for the Style- and Eco-Conscious Lady in Your Life

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If you are struggling to decide what to get a special lady this Christmas, look no further than the first dress that can be worn 14 different ways from POLKO – a truly unique gift. It’s an entire capsule wardrobe in one intelligent and convertible design, decluttering space and mind and helping to cut fashion waste at the same time.

Women know all too well that the pressure is always on to have an outfit for every occasion. From work to a social event, they need to change from one perfect outfit to another. Not only is this stressful, it’s also expensive, fills wardrobes with clothes that are often only worn once, and, most importantly, as far as POLKO is concerned, carries a huge cost to the environment.

POLKO tackles all of this with their innovative, new, one-of-a-kind design, offering 14 different outfits from one single dress. So, your favourite lady can wear it whenever she wants, however she wants, as many times as she wants, enabling her to do a lot more with less. It’s environmentally sound, and something your special lady will love is that it has pockets.

How does it work?

The POLKO design offers eight options for a dress, from maxi with full sleeves through midi with half sleeves to a strapless mini dress with all the permutations between. It also offers maxi, midi, and mini skirts, which can be matched with other items from the wardrobe, and/or three styles of tops, which can be added to the skirts or paired with jeans, trousers, or another skirt. Whatever works.

POLKO believes that clothes should be an investment. They should be strong, comfortable, and long-lasting, so the dress is made with premium fabric and is designed to stay looking great throughout the day, into the evening, and for years to come. The material is soft and breathable, so it’s as kind to the skin as it is to the planet. It’s also seasonless and elegantly timeless. With adjustable lengths and sleeves, it’s as comfortable in summer as it is in winter.

This is the dress she never knew she needed but now won’t be able to do without! 

A gift for the environment too

It is believed that the emissions impact of clothing could be reduced by 44% if people wore their clothes just twice as often as they do now. Imagine the difference that could be made by wearing and re-wearing POLKO.

So not only will the recipient of this amazing dress look fabulous, she will feel amazing, knowing her gift has helped reduce the environmental impact of fast fashion – a truly thoughtful present.

RRP: £280

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