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Peacful Mind Foundation Restructures the Face of Mental Health Issues

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Sulking faces are something we would never want to be surrounded with. But have you ever given a thought that it may not be just an expression, maybe it entails a whole tale of anxiety and depression?

Well, the Peacful Mind Foundation did give it a thought and this gave birth to its journey. The starting point of our foundation was Africa, according to a report around 30% of Nigerians suffer from mental health issues. And this is alarming, no matter how hard you try to get away from the fact but it is the reality.

Rather than just sitting down and cussing the scenarios that cause the occurrence of mental illness our foundation decided to get rid of it. The initial step was to start a conversation, you all must have come to a point in your life where you feel that you are not able to hold up things inside you and they are killing you from within. This feeling needs to get out and only will happen when you share it with someone. The minute you open up about it 90% of your problem gets over then and there. So, the foundation made people talk and break all the myths and taboos around the subject.

Once the issue is discussed it is analysed deeply so that the root can be discovered. For the implementation of this psychologists commence their work. They conduct different rapport sessions to make the individual comfortable, as it’s important to make someone feel cosy for providing the essence of relaxation to them. Only then they will reveal and release their dark set of thoughts.

If the issue is way more serious than what it seems then therapies are taken into consideration. Every individual’s mind and bodywork in a different manner so it is necessary that they get the therapy according to their environment and functioning. On top of it, medications and exercises for maintaining peace and mental harmony are delineated.

We as a foundation have even come up with the Global Youth Mental Health Forum which works for youth psychology and psychological first aid.

The plan of action is to create a world where people can talk about mental health just like another talk of the day. As it will be stupid to say that we are looking forward to creating a world free of mental issues because this of course is possible but not soon. We face and have a multiple set of moods which collectively affect our mental health. So, we are trying and working on every possibility and area which hits the brain and damages it and pushes it into the deep well of depression.

Addressing the issue is really important and then comes the treatment and the prevention. We are working day-to-day to achieve our goals and no doubt that it is going to be a long journey. Still, we are keen and are as compassionate as we were on the very first day and the moment when we decided to establish such a structure. We are and will in the future work for reconstructing and restructuring all the stigmas around mental health.

Also, as an individual, you can contribute to our journey by giving love and support to the people around you. The world is cruel out there so be the holding hand for someone and stand by their side.

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