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New Book Reveals Surprising Truths About the ‘Path to Self-Healing’

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How many of us wear the perfect mask – the perfect life, and the perfect family – while inside, we are suffering in pain, anger and hurt? We try so hard to push it all deep down, hoping it will disappear or at least not show in our world.

The ‘mask’ protects us, or do we think it protects others from seeing our pain? Maybe it is a combination of both.The willingness to step back and listen to our unspoken hurts gives us the capacity to live freely and openly, without the limitations of the past.

After years of working with clients, Sally Anne Saint has seen the benefit of deep inner work, as well as her own experience of healing many personal traumas, from abuse to bullying, she has given herself a better life by using the tools highlighted in her book.

Sally has been a professional healer for over 20 years, being a Reiki Master, and her book is a ‘go-to’ for anyone who is embarking on the path of self-healing.

She shares honestly and openly the path of processing your past and how doing so is pivotal to you living an authentic life. As the ‘ghosts of the past’ dine at our table with us, waiting to be heard and healed.

The Mask is the perfect book for anyone suffering from the past or thinking of stepping into the journey of healing.There are so many books out on the market that tell you how to heal. The Mask invites, helps you to feel and move with ease into the healing journey. Why? Because doing so lets you experience and benefit from another person’s experience.

You’re not alone. And here is a secret, once we begin we not only heal the hurt, we find our truth. This truth liberates you, breaks the chains of the past, and transforms you as you begin to feel whole!This is Sally’s account of her own healing journey, she is real, she is vulnerable, she is honest, in her account of peeling back the layers and stepping into her truth. Removing the ‘mask’ and being real.

Sally has also spoken on numerous shows in the United States and Canada, discussing the healing path and living from the heart. So take a walk in her shoes in this book, as she guides you on the path of processing and healing, to embrace the freedom. 

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