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What It’s Like to Be Part of DARPA and the Brain Initiative

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In 2017 DARPA phased me into their brain initiative and ElectRx programs as a human subject. At that time, I was dealing with an addiction to alcohol and methamphetamine, drinking on a daily basis. I was also diagnosed with bi-polar depression, ADHD and GAD. In 2019, after eight and a half years of abstinence from meth, I relapsed.

In May of 2019, approximately two months after I relapsed I was contacted by a DARPA representative and was ‘linked’ through a non-invasive, remote procedure with a remote BCI. Through the remote BCI, DARPA can access various parts of the brain as well as communicate. This remote access is needed for research and other applications in their ElectRx program. With ElectRx, DARPA can create scenarios through internal and external application through my BCI as well as various changes in my electromagnetic field by use of satellite generated infrasound. This allows DARPA scientists to study brain activity and thought processing through expedited science with “created” scenarios and various electrical field changes.

DARPA has also allowed me to be a part of research that studies dream state and imprinting (both on and off mind enhancing medications). In one project, in a semi conscious, pre-sleep state DARPA was able to imprint the live satellite imagery outside my location. I am able to communicate and discuss these images as well as dreams with DARPA scientists in detail via my BCI. The downside of having the BCI iit greatly impacts my short term and long term memory functions. I have very little short-term memory. Although I am able to have very vivid and detailed long term memory around any traumatic or emphasized events of the past. These long term memories assist DARPA with research studies for PTSD.

Since 2019 I have been able to be a part of much DARPA science. Through their brain initiative, in 2019 while in mind enhancing medications I was “walked” by a Federal Agent in Kansas City with the FBI. The Agent used a directly connected body device technology to partially control my body movements in order to physically walk me into a room and move different objects while he and I were in different locations. This project was done remotely.

Through the BCI, DARPA has also read to me my pulse, blood pressure and body temperature. DARPA also has also apprised me of the science involved in their BRACE and Cornucopia programs. Their BRACE programme works with concrete structure repair by using satellite technology. For this experiment, I stood on a thin sheet of ice over concrete and they were able to melt the ice surrounding my feet in approximately a 1 metre circumference without me feeling any effects.

With their Cornucopia programme, DARPA ripened green bananas over night. To show the preciseness of their satellite functions, they had me place a quarter sized piece of reflective metal on grass while communicating to DARPA. DARPA scientists communicated they would place a pinpoint location directly next to the metal to save the metal from superheating and causing fire. They then ‘smoked’ the green grass as if it were under a microscope.

In my involvement with DARPA, in connection with the FBI and Homeland Security I have been a part of research and data procurement processes for various projects including loss prevention and training of the public. This includes communicating liabilities in jails, institutions and public buildings. Also, acting suspicious and carrying items on Homeland Security’s ‘suspicious items’ list, such as backpacks and other items that should alert the public and other personal as a possible terroristic threat or suspicious persons.

My wish would be to authorize release of all this information. However, under existing Federal laws, my FOIA is “locked” to protect DARPA’s Advanced Research and related sciences. Despite my wishes, this information is protected by DARPA and only released, as necessary to trusted governmental agencies. Being medical in nature they fully honor and abide by all Federal HIPPA laws and governmental regulations.

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Additional info

Infrasound in conjunction with electric stimulation of my brain, ESB via satellite is used in ElectRx advanced research.

Using ESB and the remote BCI as an electrode, DARPA can accomplish remote ablation. At times I can feel deep lesioning on various parts of my brain.

The remote also can function as a micro electrode.

Through satellite EEG and communication through my BCI I can discuss dreams and other mental states verbally and non verbally with DARPA neuroscientist, psychiatrist, and psychologist.

You can connect with him on Twitter @silkwood_adam.

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