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Paracelsus Recovery – Mental Health in Zurich

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Paracelsus recovery in Zurich, Switzerland, has set itself the goal of providing quality addiction treatment for every client.

All addicts, regardless of wealth or status, deserve high quality treatment, and although this basic philosophy of drug and alcohol treatment applies to addicts from all walks of life, it is surprising how often the richest addicts are overlooked.

Paracelsus Recovery, a private, exclusive addiction recovery centre in Switzerland, is therefore determined to offer the best possible treatment to addicts from wealthy backgrounds. The idea that rich addicts need special care gives rise to scepticism among those who believe that an unlimited bank account can buy happiness.

However, such stereotypes of wealth and power can actually add shame and secrecy that can delay much-needed treatment. If money doesn’t matter, it will be easier for people to deny problems and continue life in the fast lane. While wealthy people are more likely to have integrated support systems that protect their privacy and security around the clock, this can mean that well-meaning friends, family members, or business partners can look away when problems escalate and life gets out of control.

Although all treatment centres are committed to providing their clients with the best possible care, the needs of the rich and influential are often grossly misunderstood. This means that even the most expensive treatment centres may not offer the highly personalised care that their visitors need. To address the problems of wealthy men and women with demanding lifestyles, qualified clinicians are required who understand the cultural differences as well as the complications associated with wealth and power.

Like many treatment centres, Paracelsus Recovery implements a holistic approach that treats body, mind, and soul. However, what makes his treatment unique is the emphasis on restoring the balance of brain chemistry that has been unbalanced by several years of addiction and poor self-sufficiency.

Paracelsus Recovery claims that restoring healthy biochemistry can reduce or eliminate the cravings, depression, and anxiety that are often associated with withdrawal, and can block the path to full recovery.

Therefore, the treatment, monitored by a molecular biologist, includes a personalised nutritional and intravenous detoxification plan, as well as a tailored blend of vitamins, micronutrients, and amino acids that pave the way for improvements in cognitive abilities, emotional and physical health. Particular attention is paid to inflammatory processes, intestinal health and the immune system.

Paracelsus Recovery, which claims to be the world’s most exclusive addiction treatment provider, has been committed to the absolute privacy and confidentiality of its international clientele from the moment it arrives.

Each customer is greeted at the airport and taken to a partner clinic in a limousine for a comprehensive physical exam, biochemical test and psychiatric exam. For customers who need this, medically monitored detoxification minimises the intensity of the withdrawal and prevents the occurrence of dangerous side effects.

The treatment, which usually lasts two to eight weeks, costs EUR 65,000 per week. For their money, customers have access to a team of doctors and addiction professionals who offer care based on an individual treatment plan. To improve traditional, evidence-based treatment, customers also have access to a variety of complementary therapies, including bio-resonance, EMDR, acupuncture, yoga, reflexology, massage, and modern methods of scanning and stimulating the brain and body. The therapy takes place in discretely located, luxurious living rooms that are selected by the customer.

These include a modern penthouse, a villa on the lake or a classic mansion in the old town. These special forms of living ensure that Paracelsus customers are provided with the luxury and amenities they are used to and feel comfortable with. An addiction therapist lives in the residence, and a butler, a cook, a limousine driver and a housekeeper are always on hand to ensure that customers feel comfortable and can recover as smoothly as possible.

Paracelsus Recovery is widely regarded in professional circles as being of a good standard, however in the past few years several superior contenders to the accolade of Best Rehab in the World have emerged to take the crown from this once Grand Dame of Luxury Swiss Rehab.

While Paracelsus Recovery in Zurich still packs a punch and gets some reviews, it’s weight has been diminished over the years and it remains to be seen what the future holds for this once vibrant player in the virtual luxury rehab market.

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