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Will the Pandemic Impact My Efforts to Get Sober?

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Almost all alcoholics desire to become sober again. The journey to sobriety, however, is something that requires commitment and resilience. If you have been wondering how to start this journey, this pandemic season can be your turning point. It is a perfect time to start a new journey. With the lockdowns and other restrictions, you can do the following to become sober again:

Read relevant information

The information you read may motivate you to stay sober or make you revert to drinking. If, for example, you read success stories, you desire to become like them and put more effort into the journey. For this reason, in this lockdown period, click here to find helpful information on the journey to sobriety. Implement them and see yourself becoming sober again.

Stay away from toxic friends

Friends have a great impact when it comes to the journey to sobriety. Less supportive friends may make you revert whenever you try to be sober. For example, due to the pandemic’s restrictions of movement, you have been sober for one month. You then decide to catch up with your friend. Unfortunately, you find them drinking. What will you do, bearing in mind that you have never supported you to be sober? The chances are that you will taste it to please them. The frequent occurrence of this sabotages your journey to being sober

Join a virtual support group

The greatest fear for anyone who is trying to be sober is joining support groups. They rarely feel comfortable sharing their experiences with others because it requires vulnerability. However, with the pandemic, you do not have to worry about going to meetings. You can join a virtual support group and share your experiences with others comfortably. The ideas you receive will help you on your journey. Furthermore, you are likely not to interact with people who know you, which means no fear of being judged for the path you have chosen.

Analyse your reasons

With the pandemic, you are more likely to spend time alone at home. Take advantage of the solitude and analyze your reasons for becoming sober. Ensure your reason is adequate to keep you firm on your decision. If, for example, you became sober because of your friend, what will you do if they change their mind? Will you change your mind too? The reason on which you base your journey to sobriety is crucial. Do a self-assessment and be firm on your decision.

Moderate drinking

The fact is that you cannot stop drinking instantly. It is a process that will take time. The covid-19 time should be a period you moderate your drinking capacity. For example, if you used to drink three glasses per day. Start by drinking two per pad, and then reduce to one. Finally, reduce the number of days you drink in a week. If your reason for not drinking is firm, you will do all it takes to moderate how you drink. If you start seeing the results of staying sober, you will feel motivated to continue with the journey.

Tommy Williamson did his degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. He has an ongoing interest in mental health and well-being.

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