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‘It’s Only a Pain, Nowt Wrong with Me’ Working-class Men and Health Conference


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13 June 2017, Tuesday
Edge Hill University

This conference will bring together concerned members of the public, social policy analysts, practitioners and academics to discuss men’s health and especially men facing economic disadvantage and/or mental health difficulties. The keynote speaker, Professor Peter Beresford, has expertise on both these issues and how they enmesh in complex ways. Other speakers include representatives from the public and voluntary sector—both service users and service providers.

The conference will also showcase results of research on working-class men’s accounts of health conducted by two Edge Hill academics, Dr Mike Richards and Dr Paul Simpson who will challenge some of the stereotypical health beliefs attributed to men. Men might be more reflective on their health than is often assumed/acknowledged.

The event encourages critical understanding of men’s diverse accounts of how they attempt to achieve and maintain health and of how obstacles to such goals could be minimized or removed.

Conference Convenors

Dr Paul Simpson and Dr Mike Richards, Lecturers in Applied Health and Social Care at Edge Hill University.

The event will take place at Edge Hill University’s Ormskirk Campus.


Keynote Speaker

Professor Peter Beresford, Brunel University London

Peter Beresford OBE is Professor of Social Policy at Brunel University London and was also the former Director of the Centre for Citizen Participation. His particular areas of focus are public, patient and service user involvement in policy and practice; democratisation and participatory approaches to research, particularly in relation to user controlled and user involvement research.

He has a longstanding involvement in issues of participation and service user involvement in research and evaluation, as writer, researcher and educator. His areas of particular interest are disability, mental health, palliative care, social work and social care, welfare reform, social work education and participatory research.

He is an academic who is also actively involved in the development of policy, practice and research through affiliations and strong networks with national (and international) research, policy, practice and service user organisations and structures. His involvement in policy and practice development has a particular focus on social care and social work. He has been a member of many government and non-statutory committees and is currently a trustee of the National Skills Academy for Social Care and member of the Department of Health’s Ministerial Forum for Social Care Leadership and Workforce Recruitment and Retention Group. He is also a Fellow of the NIHR School for Social Care Research and a Visiting Professor at Edge Hill University


9.00 am Registration and Refreshments
10.00 am Event Start
4.00 pm Event close

The Conference Programme is available to download. (schedule is subject to change)

Venue: Edge Hill University (Directions).

Registration: This event is free but to register your place please email Dr Paul Simpson simpsonp@edgehill.ac.uk


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