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For Our Own Mental Well-Being, It’s Important That We Understand the Value of Perspectives

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Is everyone in the US and the Northern Hemisphere regions of the world enjoying their winter? How about summer in the Southern Hemisphere? Are we having fun? Hot sun and cold snow, so far not much snow here yet. Where  I live, we will get some more eventually.

This is a fact, it is a matter of how we view fun and enjoyment wherever and how much we are needed? But try not to look through those rose-coloured glasses. Perhaps, look at the rose itself and all of the myriads of colours it decorates the landscape with. Unless, of course, we are colour blind.

On the other hand, snow is only white. At least until it gets dirty. Black and white are opposites, but are they? Perspective is a particular attitude toward or a way of regarding something, as in a point of view. It is what we see through one person’s eyes and only that person’s eyes.

Every person alive has their perspectives about almost everything. To this point, each Peer Specialist has a unique way of thinking of events that transpire and telling the stories of our lives. A multitude of different terms can be used here.

Opinions, views and vision are just three. Each has its distinct meanings, while every special individual has their way of looking, only from one’s perspective. Look, there are facts to support historical events, but we are left to fend for ourselves when it comes to interpretation. 

A proverbial phrase puts a person in a position to pick, is the glass full or half-empty? For me, I observe the glass sitting on a table, neither half-full nor half empty. Maybe, I am just being difficult. Me, being difficult, no way, that is how I see this situation. 

Perspectives and opinions are quite different. At the same time, perspective is a way of looking at things. The opinion is our thought or point of view. Say someone is in the middle class, and a person who lives in a low-income family environment might view that person as  rich.

At the same time, middle-class individuals might not see themselves as rich but merely scraping by due to bills and loans. He is rich because they have something currently unavailable from the low-income perspective. The opinion does vary from person to person, but perspective can often represent a specific group.

Blue skies and green grass are what most people see. When one has an awkward perspective, one may see the green skies and the grass as blue. However, if one is colour blind, one sees them differently as shades of grey. It is the same with people with mental health issues. Many folks say or think these people cannot do this and don’t know how to do that.

But hey, what do they know, anyway? Not much is what I am thinking. That is why peer specialists like ourselves and our views are crucial in leading the path to glory for the people we assist. Of course, this comes about one person at a time, but if most of us try to pitch in, the perspective can and will change drastically. 

Time after time, Peer Specialists around the globe enjoy working with other individuals sharing similar life experiences and unique perspectives. In addition, we can relate on a different playing field, offering real validation where the professionals can only attempt to accomplish this feat. Does that look like something we do hourly, daily, weekly? 

As it is said, as long as we try. Remember, without attempting, there will be little or no chance for success. Of course,  what success means is open for discussion and perspectives. Some say success can be measured in small increments and others believe it requires a completed process.

Whichever works for each of us, or if it is something else that is entirely offbeat, run with it and embrace the idea because it is ours. It has become crystal clear that writing this piece about new perspectives is all basically from my perspective. Yes, I know; my perspective is relevant, too.

As a writer, it is my responsibility to explore ideas from my sole point of view. I know that it is my perspective. It is my pleasure to write for all of us, and let me share my perspectives. Have fun in 2022 by wearing one’s mask, keeping our distance while enjoying this year and all of them that will follow ahead, wherever in the world we are.

Howard Diamond is a certified peer specialist in New York.


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