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An Overview of Cannabis Vapourisers and How They Work

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Cannabis consumption is changing with the new inventions in the industry. More marijuana users are ditching the traditional technique of rolling the products into joints and smoking the buds. Another popular consumption method is the edibles, but it takes a long time to feel the effects. Also, the impact is lower than smoking the products. 

However, vaporizers are taking the sector by storm due to the technique solving the challenge you would experience with smoking or consuming the edibles. Unlike the alternatives, vaping gives you an instant high, and the products used in the Dr Dabber vaporisers are more potent. The devices can either use dried herbs or cannabis extracts for vaping. Also, marijuana inhalation is safer than smoking the products. It offers minimal risks to respiratory complications since you do not take to smoke.

An Overview of Cannabis Vaporizers

Cannabis vaporizers are devices that heat marijuana products into vapour for a consumer to inhale via the mouth. The kits at https://www.drdabber.com/collections/vape-kits can either use marijuana extracts in the form of oil or can heat dried herbs. The choice of vaping equipment to select depends on your preference. However, there are different models to choose from which differ in design and functionality. In the modern era, there are some you can use a smartphone application to control them. Amazing, right?

On the other hand, depending on your preference, you can choose a large vaporizer to use at home or a portable one that you can carry wherever you go. 

How the devices work

The vaporisers heat the cannabis oil or dried herbs in two ways:

  • Conductive method. You will place the marijuana on the heated metal surface. The vaporization takes place when the surface reaches an optimum temperature. At this point, the marijuana compounds are in vapour form, and you can inhale it via the mouth. Temperature regulation is complex with this type of heating, and it will likely burn dried products than vaporise them.
  • Convection method. The technique is different from the conductive process. Unlike the other option, the convection heating process entails the passage of hot air over the products. The compounds in the cannabis concentrate or dried herbs in the chamber will turn to vapour once the heated air gets into the compartment. Heat distribution is even in the section, and the convection technique does not burn the products. 

Finding a suitable vaporiser for your cannabis needs

Vaping is a trending and safe method for marijuana consumption. However, you may require help finding a suitable kit for the practice, especially if you are new to the technique. Staff at Dr Dabber’s shop can recommend the best equipment to use whether you are a beginner or not. Their experience with the products will offer you valuable insights into the vaping kits and help you choose the suitable device for you. Also, they have feedback from other clients about the vaporisers, and you can trust them to help you satisfy your needs. 


Your experience with vaporisers improves the more you use them. So, take time to understand your device to ensure you enjoy your marijuana consumption.

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