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Overcoming the IVF Postcode Lottery with Overseas Fertility Treatment

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Many couples dream of becoming parents however for many, the fertility journey is a challenging one. Unexplained infertility, secondary infertility, early menopause or illness can leave couples with no choice but to undergo in vitro fertilisation treatment (IVF) or surrogacy as the only possible choices to fulfil that dream to become parents.

IVF under the NHS is a postcode lottery and for those fortunate enough to fall within the right postcode, have very few opportunities to try IVF. The success rate of live birth for women below the age of 35 is just 29%. The cost of private treatment is astronomically high which is resulting in couples exploring fertility treatment overseas which in some cases, can be less stressful and more cost-effective.

Introducing ilaya, the IVF and surrogacy clinic in Ukraine – The ilaya Fertility Treatment Centre was founded in 2011 as a fertility clinic dedicated to helping patients within the local Ukrainian market with difficult and complicated infertility issues. The Kiev-based clinic, has since expanded its operation to include surrogacy and IVF with gender selection that offer treatments in over 20 specialties and provide solutions to thousands of patients each year.

Dr Inna, a gynaecologist and fertility specialist at the clinic says: ‘At ilaya, we practise an integrated approach to the IVF process, with all services under one roof. ilaya have a team of experienced gynaecologists and reproductologists who work in a modern diagnostic centre equipped with high-tech fertility equipment.

‘We provide a number of treatment packages and a full range of assisted reproductive techniques at a competitive price. These include in vitro fertilisation (IVF), male and female donor options, storage of fertilised embryos or male and female biomaterial and surrogacy programmes.’

Services available at the ilaya clinic include egg and sperm donation for IVF, egg and sperm donation, programmes (if required), egg retrieval, IVF – fertilisation and cultivation; frozen embryo transfers; IVF pregnancy up to 12 weeks; management of early pregnancy up to 12 weeks; cryobank for IVF; cryobank and the storage of bio materials and embryos.

The journey of each and every patient at ilaya receives exemplary attention and support during each stage of the process including:

  • A personal manager is assigned to each case
  • Preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) with a preliminary consultation to ascertain individual needs
  • Multilingual staff – Highly trained staff communicate with patients around the world
  • Medical tests – All necessary medical tests conducted by highly qualified staff
  • Cryobank – Own cryobank provides storage for embryos and other biomaterial for an unlimited period of time

In addition to IVF, ilaya specialise in surrogacy programmes in Ukraine that are based on modern, innovative ideas led by experienced specialists in reproduction. Personalised care is given to both the intended parents and the chosen surrogate.

Proposed parents provide the biological material (egg and/or sperm) and IVF is carried out to impregnate the surrogate. If the egg donation or sperm donor is required for this process, ilaya have their own extensive donor bank of female oocytes and male sperm. No biological material is taken from the chosen surrogate. The surrogate mother will carry the baby but will have no legal or parental rights after the birth.

Comprehensive tests are carried out to ensure all our potential surrogates are in excellent physical and mental health, have at least one natural born child, below 35 years of age and have no contra-indications to pregnancy. ilaya take full responsibility for the surrogate mothers throughout the pregnancy. All medical care, including full prenatal and postnatal care, is provided. Accommodation and living expenses are taken care of during the pregnancy.

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