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Outdoor Meditation Is TikTok’s Next Rising Wellness Trend

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It’s not unusual to see a new wellness trend coming from TikTok, and new research by the experts at MattressNextDay has found that outdoor meditation is the next wellness practice to become popular. The hashtag #outdoormeditation currently has 297,700 views and counting, with users posting videos of their own practices in nature. 

The hashtag #meditationwithnature also has 16,900 views and rising, and the sleep experts at MattressNextDay are encouraging meditating outdoors as it can reduce stress, and blood pressure, as well as give you more energy. 

Sunrise yoga is also proving to be very popular, with the hashtag #sunriseyoga raking in 5.9 million views. Yoga and meditation have very similar benefits on sleep, given they are both mindful practices which lower stress levels. 

Martin Seeley advises that “stress is one of the biggest factors affecting sleep quality. Meditation has been proven to help reduce stress levels in both healthy people and those with anxiety disorders like posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Reducing stress is one way to improve your sleep quality because when you’re less stressed, you’re less likely to have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep through the night.”

There are currently almost 16 hours of daylight in May, with the sun rising at approximately 5am. Martin Seeley, sleep expert at MattressNextDay, explains that “meditating outside during sunrise is a great way to feel invigorated at the start of your day. Vitamin D from the sun can boost serotonin levels and make us feel calm and happy, which is a perfect setting for meditating. 

“Meditating during sunset is also a very relaxing way to wind down before you go to sleep, and it can help you shake off the stresses of a day and feel more balanced, therefore inducing a deeper, more fulfilling sleep.”

According to MattressNextDay’s index which looked at daylight hours, the number of nature and park attractions, walking trails, and the number of Instagram posts featuring the location’s hashtag, Bath scored a total of 46 points out of 50 – considerably higher than any other destination analysed.

The ancient city of Bath is the largest in Somerset and, perhaps, most well-known for its Roman-built baths. The city was founded in 1AD and, therefore, offers plenty of history, culture and breathtaking outdoor space to practice meditation.

The city scored top marks for Instagram posts (we gave an area top points for the fewest posts, as it would mean fewer people to distract you during your meditation), as well as several nature and park attractions, meaning you have plenty of places to choose to meditate.

Aviemore and the Cairngorms is the second-best destination for outdoor meditation

Highly regarded as one of the most beautiful destinations in the UK, the town of Aviemore, and certainly the Cairngorms, is famed for its walking trails and breathtaking scenery. So much so, you’d be hard-pushed to find a better place to start your meditation journey.

Aviemore is a year-round destination for travellers and is the ideal base to explore Cairngorms National Park, with an abundance of spots for meditation. This area scored the highest points for its nature and park attractions nearby.

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