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Orgasm and Mental Health: Psychological Benefits of Orgasm

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Orgasms are pleasurable. Besides being enjoyable, orgasm is a tool used by many for mental well-being as well. However, the connection between mental health and orgasm is poorly explored and documented. Thus, we have compiled a list highlighting the mental health benefits of orgasm. 

So what are the psychological benefits of orgasm? Here are some non-physical benefits of orgasm: 

Confidence boosting benefit of orgasm 

Human minds are designed to see sexual intercourse as our ultimate obligation; this is why orgasms give us a sense of accomplishment. Thus, the combination of self-awareness, hormones, and neurochemicals produced in our bodies and the feeling of accomplishment can give us a massive confidence boost. 

Lack of confidence is the reason behind so many lost opportunities in life. However, you can boost your confidence by reaping the benefits of orgasm. 

Sleep regulating benefit of orgasm 

Most people can’t help falling asleep right after experiencing an orgasm. Falling asleep might be a problem when your partner expects a long cuddle after sexual intercourse but can’t keep awake for some reason. So before your partner starts questioning your love towards them, explain the correlation between sleep and orgasm and save your relationship. The various hormones secreted by our bodies during orgasm helps us sleep better. 

Similarly, during a sexual intercourse your body will burn a lot of calories. As a result, we get tired and fall asleep fast. Thus, in this way orgasm induces sleep and you can reap this benefit of orgasm if you are struggling to fall asleep.

Mood regulating benefit of orgasm 

Let’s be honest here. Who isn’t in a good mood after a spicy night of orgasms? But have you ever wondered why this happens? The reasons behind the extreme ecstasy you experience during sexual intercourse are the hormones and neurochemicals. Hormones like dopamine, endorphins, etc., significantly impact our happiness levels. 

Similarly, human beings are social animals, and we crave intimacy. So clearly, when we are near another human, our intimacy craving is fulfilled. Thus, mood regulation is another important benefit of orgasm. 

Recreational benefits of orgasm 

The life of an average American is to wake up, eat- work- and go to bed which can be very monotonous. As children grow up and become adults, they do not derive the same dopamine kick from sports and video games. As a result, most adults lack recreational activities in life. The lack of recreational activities in life can lead to an unhappy life. 

However, adults can get the same dopamine kick after having an orgasm. Thus, in this way, adults can take the benefits of orgasm as a recreational tool. 

Increased focus benefit of orgasm 

A lot of men and women have reported that masturbation helps them to think better. If you are sexually active, then you might also have experienced a still feeling right after orgasm. This increased focus is not a mere coincidence; there is a scientific reason behind it. Both the physical and mental dimensions of an orgasm will help you stimulate mental activity. During orgasm, your brain enters a hypnosis-like state, commonly called a “sexual trance”. After your body comes back from this sexual trance, everything will start looking clearer. As a result, people who indulge in regular orgasms have increased focus.

Similarly, human beings are wired in such a way that if they are not having sexual

intercourse, then they are probably daydreaming of having sexual intercourse. This sexual daydream can cloud our brains. You can get this out of your way if you indulge in orgasm. Thus, in this way, mental focus is one of the benefits of orgasm.

Improved self-relation benefit of orgasm 

There might be certain sexual etiquettes while having intercourse with a partner, but during solo orgasms, there aren’t any barriers. You can be as wild as you can get, and you alone are in total control of the situation, allowing you to know yourself better. When you engage independently in something so intimate, like an orgasm, it will open you up to parts of yourself that you didn’t know even existed before. You will get to know about what you enjoy and what you don’t enjoy. Solo orgasm will also help you realize that you do not need anyone’s assistance for your pleasure which can be very liberating. 

Even psychological doctors recommend engaging in solo pleasure for patients who have estranged relationships with themselves. Thus, an improved relationship with you is one of the benefits of orgasm. 

Stress and anxiety decreasing benefit of orgasm 

Orgasms allow us a sweet escape from reality and to dive into a blissful state. For the entire orgasm, we lose track of ourselves and our list of responsibilities. Our mind becomes empty, and the only goal in our minds is to derive maximum pleasure. In this state, we also disconnect from the stress and anxiety of the world. People who orgasm regularly have reported decreased pressure and anxiety level compared to people who do not indulge in orgasm regularly. 

The chemical produced during an orgasm responsible for decreased stress and anxiety levels is oxytocin. Thus, stress and anxiety reduction are among the many psychological benefits of orgasm. 

Self-esteem improving benefit of orgasm

Orgasm will help you lead a better life with its numerous benefits. If you are someone who is  struggling with body image issues then regular orgasm can help you become more happy and confident in your body. 

Since orgasm directly impacts the areas of life-related to self-image issues, indulging in orgasm will help you boost your self-esteem. Thus, given this benefit of orgasm, you can use orgasm to increase your self-esteem.  


The connection between mental well-being and orgasm does not get enough spotlight. Orgasm is a very important tried and tested tool for many mental health-related issues. Thus, by indulging in safe and harmless sexual intercourse, you can reap the unlimited mental health benefits of orgasm.

Adam Mulligan, a psychology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, has a keen interest in the fields of mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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