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Optimise Family Bonding with Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som’s “Kids on Us” Offer

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The Middle East’s first and largest full immersion wellness destination, Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som, is helping families use the school holidays to maximise bonding and develop healthy habits at its dedicated family offering, Zulal Discovery, including an exclusive “Kids on Us” offer.

The only resort in the world offering dedicated family wellness retreats and programmes, Zulal Wellness Resort encourages guests to embark on a cross-generational journey by offering an additional complimentary room and free dining for up to two children (under 16) when two adults book one room on a full retreat package, saving families QAR 1,130 per night (approx. GBP 245).

Designed to balance active family time with the space for individual members to focus on their own wellness journey, the Discovery Reconnect retreat catalyses intergenerational connection and long-term health. Following a health and wellness consultation on arrival, each family member will be provided with their own personalised plan, entwining individual activities and treatments with others designed to be enjoyed en famille. Drawn from a carefully curated list of over 400, activities could include anything from organic gardening, kayaking, SUP, and adventure walks to falconry, meditation, music, and dance. All guests enjoy three wellness cuisine meals per day, use of the resort’s Discovery Oasis family wellness centre facilities, and one age-appropriate treatment per person per day.

Distinct from the resort’s adults-only Zulal Serenity offering, Zulal Discovery features family-friendly accommodation and is home to the Discovery Oasis, which offers dedicated family wellness facilities and age-appropriate spaces for four specific age groups.

Zulal Discovery embodies the resort’s family wellness philosophy, centred on the belief that individual wellness is intrinsically linked to fulfilling family life and the ability to build meaningful relationships. Here, holistic wellness also means wellness for the whole family. By encouraging an active lifestyle, normalising good nutrition, and introducing and developing mindfulness, breathing techniques, and meditation, children are inspired to engage with and explore healthy and sustainable lifestyle habits. This is complemented by intergenerational activities that forge and strengthen familial bonds between children, parents, and grandparents; age-appropriate therapies and treatments, including Reiki, head massages, and manicures; and the vast array of activities.

Within the Hedgehog Nursery, the youngest guests, aged up to three years old, are encouraged to open their minds to the wonders of creative play and discovery of the world around them, while The Fox’s Den is designed for children between four and eight to build cognitive development through physical and brain training exercises, focusing on creativity through arts and crafts. Base camp for 9- to 12-year-olds is The Falcon Studio, signifying wisdom, vision, and protection, with activities crafted to support self-esteem, mental cognition, and physical abilities. Conceived to support teens (13 to 17 years old), the Oryx Workshop incorporates music, indoor games, and lounge areas and supports development, confidence, and well-being during this important life stage.

The Discovery Oasis is led by a team of qualified child and family psychologists, ensuring every family member is well looked after and that experiences are crafted to truly support child development, parenting skills, and familial bonds. As well as nurturing sustainable habits for overall well-being, Zulal Wellness Resort’s counsellors provide expert guidance and tools to help families replicate and incorporate new healthy habits into their daily routines at home, from focusing on healthy meal choices and mindful mealtimes to active family experiences.

Further enhancing their family stay, guests can also enjoy open-air cinema showings, diverse family-friendly healthy cuisine, beachside fire pits, and the expansive outdoor family swimming pool.

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