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OpenUp’s New Mobile App Set to Improve Mental Health Access for All

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In response to growing concerns over the accessibility of mental health services, OpenUp has launched a new mobile app aimed at providing immediate support to those in need. This app offers a range of preventative services, including one-on-one consultations with psychologists or lifestyle experts within 24 hours, group sessions, and self-guided care options, accessible directly from users’ mobile devices.

With mental health services often bothered by long waiting times, OpenUp’s app offers a timely solution. In countries like the Netherlands, Germany, and the UK, waiting lists for mental health services can extend for months.

The current resource allocation for services is inadequate to meet the surge in demand, resulting in significant delays and higher treatment thresholds. The latest estimates indicate that the mental health waiting list has reached 1.2 million people as of 2023 in the UK.

The OpenUp app seeks to eliminate these barriers by providing instant access to professional support. Mental health professionals emphasise the importance of timely access to support. Gijs Coppens, a leading psychologist and founder of OpenUp, noted: “Despite the evident need, we as a society have not yet been able to solve the high demand for mental health questions. Current projections by the WHO indicate that by 2030, depression will be the leading cause of disease burden globally, especially for low and middle-income people who have the least access to solutions. “Innovations like our app make it possible to provide support to many more people at an early stage. Immediate and preventative access to mental health services can significantly reduce the burden on traditional healthcare systems and improve individual outcomes.”

OpenUp’s app is part of a broader effort to make mental well-being support more accessible. By bringing these services to mobile devices, OpenUp is helping to bridge the gap between demand and availability, ensuring that help is available whenever and wherever it is needed.

Organisations throughout Europe are using OpenUp to open up the conversation on mental health and support employee well-being. Leonoor de Vries, head of people at Ace & Tate in the Netherlands, stated: “Having someone to talk to easily is a great way for employers to keep their teams healthy and a clear signal for employees that an organisation understands the challenges and actually cares.”

Sarah Scarbrough-Ross, people and business partner at Westwing, shared her input on the launch of the OpenUp app. She said: “Having on-the-go access to mental health support through the OpenUp app is a game-changer for our fast-paced, always-on-the-move workforce.”

Research shows that investing in mental well-being can yield significant returns for organisations. According to a Deloitte report, every euro invested in employee mental health can bring back six euros in benefits. Companies across Europe, from corporations like KPMG, Miele, Decathlon, and Rituals, to small local retailers, agencies, or startups, have integrated services like OpenUp and reported noticeable improvements in employee satisfaction and productivity.

Oskar Börjesson, HR manager at Mister Spex, shared: “The mental well-being of our employees holds immense significance for us. When our team members aren’t in a positive mindset, it impacts the overall outlook of our company. It’s crucial that we openly engage in discussions on these matters and ensure that support is readily available for those who seek it. The introduction of this app streamlines the process, making it more accessible for everyone to participate in sessions. We firmly believe that this initiative will yield long-term benefits for our company. When our employees feel emotionally fulfilled, it significantly enhances our ability to achieve our objectives.”

People business partner at Picnic Elise Baeriswyl noted: “Only from the moment we launched OpenUp did we realise how significant the impact was and how providing this type of external support was going to be a game changer for the mental well-being of our employees. It has, amongst other things, added to increased productivity and engagement.”

The launch of OpenUp’s mobile app marks a significant step forward in addressing the mental health crisis by making professional support more accessible. As organisations across Europe integrate innovative solutions like Openup, the potential for improved employee well-being and productivity becomes increasingly evident. 

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