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Open Heart Surgery at 7 Led Me to Alcoholism and Now Media Success

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In many ways, Ian Hawkins shouldn’t be here today to share his remarkable journey. Born with congenital heart disease in the 1970s, when medicine could save only 10% of sufferers, his odds were stacked against him.

He fell seriously ill at age six, resulting in an extended hospital stay of nearly three months after a routine checkup. Surviving this ordeal, he endured further challenges, including a traumatic struggle with a sugar addiction that still echoes in his life. Yet, his path to success was forged through adversity, driving him to be more than everyone else to achieve his dreams.

Today, Ian Hawkins is a highly successful business events moderator and a regular figure on major platforms such as CBS, Reuters, and BBC World. He has also become the sought-after lead man to work with JP Morgan as their corporate keynote speaker, solidifying his position as a prominent figure in the industry.

His expertise extends to collaborating with other key companies like Natwest and Microsoft. Moderating over 50 appearances with significant events companies WBR and CDM in the US, Ian has elevated and transformed how big corporate events are organized and managed, introducing innovation and insight into the industry.

However, Ian admits that life has not always been smooth sailing. His illness still remains difficult to discuss, knowing that his life depended on someone else holding his heart in their hands, fostering a unique strength within him. Despite the challenges, this experience has driven him to impact people’s lives, both personally and professionally positively.

Born in Essex with one older brother, Ian’s life was relatively stable despite health adversities. Battling alcoholism, from which he has now been sober for many years, and facing hospitalisation for Covid, Ian has proven his resilience and determination to defy the odds. These experiences prompted him to reevaluate his life and focus on what mattered.

This introspection led to CVTV, a platform that helps people navigate the interview process and present themselves effectively through video. From assisting entry-level candidates to executives, Ian’s work has provided immense value to countless individuals, marking the beginning of his incredible journey.

Today, Ian Hawkins is an influential media personality and a sought-after expert, frequently asked to speak on various subjects in the press. His unique journey and position within the industry inspire others to overcome challenges and pursue success against all odds.

Ian Hawkins is available for speaking engagements and interviews, offering insights into content, related topics, or industry-specific expertise for television, radio, magazines, newspapers, and other platforms. 

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