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Online Treatment: Tips for Taking Better Care of Your Mental Health

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Mental health is a growing concern worldwide. The changing lifestyles, increase in stress levels, and isolation from the pandemic are all taking a toll on our feelings. Around 1 in 5 five adults battle with mental health issues, which amounts to over 51.5 million people in the US alone. These alarming numbers call for increased awareness of mental health and the need to make mental health care accessible to everyone. If you are battling stress and other mental health challenges, here are a few tips to help you take better care of yourself. 

Consult a professional

A recent study found that increased exposure to screen time could put your children at risk for ADHD. If your little one is struggling to pay attention and has difficulty adjusting at school, home, and their social circle, the possibility is that they could be battling ADHD. The right way to deal with it is to consult a professional. You can now consult online professionals and seek help for ADHD challenges. Fin vs. Fin review compares and provides insights on various online professionals who can help you with your child’s mental health challenges. These professionals will conduct their diagnosis, treatment, and counseling online, which is a safer option during the pandemic. Besides, it helps you access the right professionals from the comfort of your home.

Look beyond medication

The common perception is that the only way to treat ADHD is to use medication. However, research-based evidence suggests that medicines are not the only way to treat ADHD. Undergoing online therapy, trying other treatments, and following a few self-help strategies can reduce symptoms of ADHD too. Cognitive behavioural therapy or CBT is a popular approach to help kids, teenagers, and adults with ADHD as it helps them replace their negative habits with positive ones. In other words, it helps them channel their energies in the right direction. 

Take a gadget-free day

Gadgets control every aspect of our life. It would be an understatement to say that we have forgotten to live in a gadget-free world. While technology and gadgets have made our life seamless, it has also made us excessively dependent. Most people would agree that it makes them feel handicap when they do not have their smartphone, smartwatch, laptop, tablet, iPod, or Kindle around. Everything from music to films to books can now fit in our pockets. 

Sadly vacations do not help either as we are busy clicking pictures, posting them on Instagram, and scrolling through the newsfeed to check the likes and comments. All this gadget time could impact our mental health too. So, schedule a day for screen-free time and do something creative. You could go for a walk, dance, read a physical book, or even sleep. But do it without touching a gadget. You will soon notice a difference in the way you feel and your symptoms of ADHD would be under control too.

Ellen Diamond did her degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. She has an ongoing interest in mental health and well-being.

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