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Why Online Psychotherapy Is Becoming So Popular

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In recent years, online psychotherapy has become an increasingly popular choice for those looking for professional assistance with their mental health. 

Perhaps you are a psychotherapist keen to make your own website to offer your services and expertise online? Or maybe you are an individual who is curious to explore the different options that might be available to you? Either way, read on to discover the numerous benefits of online psychotherapy and gain a better understanding of why it has become the preferred choice for many people seeking help.

Value for money

While incredibly important and necessary for so many, psychotherapy continues to be an expensive option. 

If you are not covered by insurance, choosing to seek help from a psychotherapist can be costly, and for many people, this rules this out as an option. 

Online psychotherapy is offered at a lower rate than traditional face-to-face slots. This is because therapists don’t have to factor in the expense of hiring an office and all the associated costs. They can conduct sessions from home, reducing travel costs, and if they offer therapy via text, they can potentially communicate with several patients at once. This will boost their income and make their online offering even more profitable than their in-person services. 


Unfortunately, there is still plenty of stigma and assumptions that surround mental health issues, and those suffering from them can feel reluctant to come forward and seek the help they need. 

Fear of being seen going into or leaving a therapy session can feel very daunting for those suffering from mental health issues. Those who have had to deal with drug or alcohol abuse issues or sexual abuse are unlikely to want anyone other than close family and friends, if that, to know about it, and so they could be put off by the idea of a face-to-face session. 

Online psychotherapy can take place wherever the patient feels secure and at ease – in the comfort of their own home or another safe space. All they need is a computer and internet connection for the online session to be held.

Online psychotherapy also requires minimal sharing of personal information, so for those who want to remain completely anonymous, they can still seek help rather than have to try and overcome their problems alone. 

Some people, particularly those struggling with mental health issues, can find the notion of having to sit in a room with a stranger and talking about their problems extremely daunting. They may feel shy, uncomfortable, or concerned about how the session will go. Online therapy offers a much ‘safer’ alternative for those who are not sure whether treatment is for them. Text therapy can be helpful for those who prefer communicating in this way, and video conference calls can also be beneficial for those who require a feeling of distance between themselves and their therapist. 


Many people who feel that they would benefit from therapy do not have the time to fit these sessions into their busy schedules. Face-to-face sessions are usually offered at times that are typically not convenient for people who are busy during the office working hours, and patients need to factor in travel time to and from their appointments also. 

Online therapy provides a much more flexible service where a broader range of sessions are often provided at more convenient times, such as evenings and weekends. Online treatment can also be conducted in any place that a person has a computer and internet access. This makes it a lot easier for those who have difficulty travelling, have work priorities to contend with, or don’t have the motivation to attend a face-to-face appointment. 

Online psychotherapy is an effective alternative

Whether the reason is money, lack of time, motivation, the stigma around mental health or personal fears and discomfort, many people avoid seeking therapy even though they feel they could benefit from it. However, now that online psychotherapy is ever more prevalent, it has become more accessible to those who need it the most and can help improve patients’ mental health and well-being significantly. 

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 1 in every 5 US adults lives with a mental health disorder. However, research has shown that online psychotherapy can be ‘effective, acceptable and practical health care’.

It also found out that online psychotherapy was equally beneficial to patients as face-to-face care, showing proven improvements for many mental health conditions alongside long-lasting and sustainable results. 

Online psychotherapy will undoubtedly continue to grow in popularity as more and more individuals turn to this accessible, convenient, and affordable service to help them overcome their problems and live happier lives. 


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