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One Change Can Make a Big Difference

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Being kind can have more effects than you realise. The recipient is not the only one getting all the benefits of being kind. The person with positivity makes the difference and gains a big difference too. Science reveals that a natural painkiller (endorphin) is produced in the brain by engaging in an act of kindness, and kind people have less stress hormone (cortisol) than the average population. The internet and being social helps create strong relationships with others, which leads to constructive thoughts of happiness and success. You have to have good control over these areas and hence choose to change. Here are some things that can help to bring a big difference in your life.

Mind the mind – reboot your thoughts

Thoughts and activities drive the impulse. If you think with self-doubt and judgement, confidence and self-assurance could never be part of life. So, it takes time to re-programme the thought process and staying aware is the key to asking yourself: What is on your mind right now, and why? And does it help you?

Separate thoughts and decisions

Acknowledge and separate your feelings from your actions. Work to handle the frustrations and control your anger to manage if you miss commitments. Don’t make any harsh decisions – like ending a friendship – and choose to be open-minded. Act with separate decisions that you make on your own, based on your feelings.

No comparison

More accomplished, more successful, and one with more medals – money always exists. It is certain that you will never measure up in these comparison games. And this bar will keep increasing. So it’s always better to self-assess based on what matters to you the most while initiating and looking at the progress.

Claim time

Our greatest asset is our time. Living the life we want provides better chances on how we utilise our time. ‘Start the day right, be on time,’ should be the motto to be a role model. Time and thoughts make you spend your day well. Meditation, prayer, and exercise all have a monumental impact on the day, week, and year.

Do something new

Habits and days keep us in a rut. Always adopt one new change you want to make. For example, take a few cooking lessons, go on short weekly trips, make changes in your house, watching TED talks while getting ready in the morning. This will encourage a new year of living differently and trigger new energy.


Listening is the most powerful tool to build relationships and develop learning as it is at your disposal in this fast-paced, technology-driven under-utilised world. Keep asking questions rather than thinking about what you are going to say next. Pay full attention to offer the greatest compliment to someone.

Desire to be right

Sometimes the strongest relationships can be overshadowed by the desire to be right. Being right may often fulfil the inner satisfaction but at the expense of someone or something else. Values and causes may overtake any situation regardless of the importance of the relationship, which may change for some good. Small changes over time may make big impacts in life. Actions speak louder than words.

Jashan Jot Kaur is a researcher at Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana.

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