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Caleb Onah is a passionate writer and journalist with a keen eye for uncovering the untold stories that shape our world with an unyielding commitment to truth, integrity, and objectivity. Born and raised in Lagos State Nigeria, he developed an early fascination with storytelling and the power of words during his undergraduate degree as a psychology student at the Benue State University, Makurdi before proceeding to earn his masters degree (MSc) in clinical psychology where he also honed his research, and investigative skills with number of peer review publications and online articles to his credit.

He is also a qualified mental health counsellor, his work includes providing psychosocial support to individuals and groups to help overcome their mental health challenges and discover a new perspective about themselves while providing them with a platform using his pen through storytelling in an ethical journalistic manner to share their experience with the world.

Looking ahead, Caleb aims to broaden his scope and report on global issues, uncovering stories that transcend borders and cultures. He seeks to bring attention to matters that demand the world’s collective attention, using solution journalism as a tool for fostering understanding and compassion among people from diverse backgrounds. His research interest focuses on health and mental health, with a particular focus on service delivery, perception, cognition and action in adolescents as well as drug and substance addiction.

He is a member of the Nigerian Psychological Association, International Society for Substance Use Professionals (ISSUP), and the International Association for Corporate Academic Plus (IAAC). Aside from writing for Psychreg, he writes about mental health and general well-being in African society. During his free time, loves to listen to classical and country music, plays the violin, the clarinet or the piano.

He tweets at: @onahcaleb1






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