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How to Be in ‘Oh Be Joyful (OBJ)’ Mood

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Love to imbibe in alcohol tend to be a cheery affair. It’s fun! Car crashes, mental health, a higher number of birth rates and quarrels are all sort of things associated with drug use. All this is true yet incomplete. Pouring a glass of wine with dinner helps you relax the mind after a long day. One does not go out in the bar with the friends and down with five beers to welcome cancers or body problems, rather it makes the conversations and camaraderie easier. New Englanders of the 70’s use the phrase OBJ (Oh Be Joyful); reaffirming the beautiful properties of intoxicants.

Voilà! Pour happiness!

It’s fun for some people to get drunk with a few glasses of wine or a bottle of beer. If someone offered you a glass of bug-juice or poison, you would refuse and if they said, drink this! You would feel difficult to walk, speak and remember things. You’ll feel awful and would be less keen. It would make you more annoying at their audacity to ask for the payment then. Drinking itself is associated with hanging out with friends or watching a football match for boosting happiness.

Good toxin

The parties, social visits, time-off, breakfast champagne and so on. All these festive tips add up to an increase of something that is counted as a toxin. Anything could be a toxin (example oxygen). Biological or neurological effects are well-known: Supposed health benefits cannot be ignored and overruled. Research shows that alcohol is associated with a considerable amount of happiness, which means the minute you pour yourself a drink, you can be happier. So, one can attribute to the laughter and good times at the bar just on this good toxin. 

Relentless booze

Drinking has shown to have greater impacts alongside unenjoyable activities such as travelling, commuting or waiting and increase the happiness of already enjoyed activities such as socialising, or sex. At the start of the night out, jingled after the first two drinks, everyone feels relaxed, laughing, and getting on swimming with a lot of fun. Stressful and unpleasant feelings are suppressed with lowered inhibitions. So, everyone is happy and enjoying interacting with each other. Although alcohol is relentlessly associated with short term happiness but not a long term satisfaction as studied.

End in musth

Half-seas over or more, things change. Everything is fatigued. People slump over with hard speech and are like bulls in musth with fights over nothing. The atmosphere appears at a little bleaker end. The myths that ‘you should drink through it’ is literally a sweet spot. Is it money? A great sex life? Never again burning your toast? It is tricky to know the answer until you’ve made a monumental mistake in your pursuit of joy. So, next time you are advised to drink responsibly, at least you have an idea on how to do that. Good Luck. Meanwhile, happiness is a stiff drink. So, drink and be Merry! Cheers to life!

Jashan Jot Kaur is a researcher at  Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana.

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