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What Your Office Desk Tells About Your Personality?

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Your workstation may reveal more information about you than you realise. Working at a tidy desk may encourage healthy eating, kindness, and compliance. However, it’s possible that having a cluttered workstation has benefits, such as stimulating creative thinking and generating new ideas.

The desks of your coworkers are very different. But what exactly does this imply? Our work allows us to focus on our decisions and actions that build our personalities, both at work and outside, and our workstations are no exception.

We can figure out our personality type by looking at how we organise our workspace and what we can do to boost productivity.

Five different types of office desks


The trophy desk displays mementoes from previous work campaigns and any cups, medals, or certificates of personal achievement, are an outright declaration of ambition: ‘Look at me, I’m an achiever.’ This desk type has thick skin and tunnel vision and will go to any length to advance; the boss in any competitive industry will value this person.

Being proud of your successes is an excellent attribute since it demonstrates self-assurance. They will know whom to contact if you display your awards for all to see if they require aid.


The messy desk is likely to be stacked high with paperwork in a random sequence; it could indicate someone who is disorganised and destructive in their time management. Please don’t rush to clear your desk because this rash decision isn’t what it appears to be.

This workstation could also indicate a creative individual overflowing with fresh ideas and working on numerous projects simultaneously, who knows where everything is. The nature of the industry will determine the supervisor’s reaction to this desk: most creative types have messy desks.

Home away from home

Personal memories like photographs, customised trinkets, or anything from a backup pair of shoes to emergency snacks and medicine make a ‘home-from-home’ workspace. This desk style represents someone who cherishes and comforts their employees and clients.

Because they are inclined to be warm, friendly, sympathetic, and selfless, this is a person that others turn to whether they have a problem or want to exchange gossip over a cup of tea or coffee.

If you’re the first to offer your medicines when someone complains of a headache, or if you’ve made your location as unique as possible, this is your zone (think mouse pads, coasters, souvenirs from your travels and figurines from your favourite TV shows).

Minimalist style

A tidy desk reflects a clean mind, and the minimalist workstation may be an example of this, demonstrating a highly organised, efficient, and self-disciplined individual. This type can also be secretive, lacks imagination, and its tidiness can take on an OCD element. A boss who wants things done neat, timely, and self-contained would appreciate this desk style.

Is there any way to determine whether this is you? If you have this workstation style, spillage from your neighbour’s desk may upset you, as would things left out of position.


The tech-lover desk suggests a technologically aware person who has a quick, analytical mind. They use all their equipment to flaunt their sharp intellect, claiming they are the go-to person for any technical concerns. As a result, their boss may start to consider them indispensable.

You’ve probably realised them,  the ones with wireless chargers on their desks, keyboards, and mice brought from home. This employee will undoubtedly enhance a company’s future in an increasingly digital environment.

Ways to keep your workspace organised

Maintaining a clean workspace can be tricky unless you work at a minimalist desk; it’s where you devote most of your waking hours. Here are three ideas for keeping the chaos under control.

Set aside a spot for notes and stationery

Thanks to clever storage, everything has a place on neat desks. Pen pots and desk tidies are admirable ways to organise your random belongings. If you tend to use many post-it notes, get a wall calendar and fill it with them so they’re all in one place.

Keep only what you require on your desk

A pen, notebook, computer, and a few pages or folders with the necessary information are required for most jobs. When you finish one task, put away the items you don’t need before moving to the following major file.

On your workstation, only keep what you need

Most occupations require a pen, notebook, computer, and a few pages or files containing the relevant information. Before moving on to the following important file, put away the items you don’t need when you finish one task.

Happy employees are more productive. An office desk can make or break efficiency, so selecting the right desk style, whether high-end office desks or classic desks, is critical if you want to guarantee efficiency and productivity in your work; anyways, your desk reflects your personality, express yourself and organise your desk the way how you will work happily.

Rona dela Rosa is the editor of Psychreg. She is an associate professor at the Polytechnic College of the City of Meycauyan.


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