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Nuchido Laboratories Launches Nuchido TIME+, One of the Most Effective NAD+ Booster on the Market

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UK-based biotech startup Nuchido Laboratories today announces the official US launch of Nuchido TIME+(plus), a new-generation NAD+ boosting supplement proven to increase cellular NAD+ levels by an average of 242%, 4x times more than any other product currently available on the market. 

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) has made headlines in recent years as scientists and longevity scholars have uncovered its critical role in the ageing process.  NAD+ is among the most essential molecules in the body, required for 500+ enzymatic reactions and vital to the regulation of major biological processes.  In youth, the body naturally generates high levels of NAD+, however as we age these levels decline, dropping by about 50% every 20 years. This drop-in NAD+ manifests in a decline in physical stamina, youthful appearance, mental acuity, and overall health and vitality. 

Nuchido is among an emerging group of biotech startups reshaping the anti-ageing marketplace. Nuchido TIME+ has been developed by world-leading systems pharmacologists guided by CEO and NUCHIDO Co-Founder Dr Nichola Conlon. Dr Conlon and her team are committed to translating complex science into disruptive anti-ageing solutions and bringing them to market in radically shorter timeframes than pharmaceutically regulated products.

‘With this next generation supplement, we are empowering people to take control of their health, offering them direct access to scientific breakthroughs they can trust,’ describes Dr Conlon.  ‘Our work is driven by the mission that everyone is entitled to resources that can improve their health and longevity.  Nuchido TIME+ makes this possible with cutting-edge science, available over-the-counter.’

The launch of Nuchido TIME+ positions the company to become the leading NAD+ boosting resource in the burgeoning sector of cellular health, healthspan extension, and anti-ageing supplements. The biotech startup has carved out a niche in the field of longevity science as a result of its ‘whole-system’ approach to tackling age-related health issues. Dr Conlon is quick to highlight that Nuchido TIME+ is a prime example of how the Nuchido whole system approach sets it apart from other offerings.

‘Until now, the trend has been to boost NAD+ with single precursor ingredients or single-target approaches.  We believe Nuchido upends this model with our whole system approach to solving biological problems.  We address the decline of NAD+ by delivering the necessary precursors for NAD+ production, while also repairing the NAD+ salvage pathway and functionality of the cells themselves,’ explains Dr Conlon. ‘Nuchido TIME+ contains a proprietary combination of ingredients designed to target these multiple factors, re-activating the cell’s natural ability to manufacture and retain NAD+.’

Ongoing research continues to uncover the multiple ways that NAD+ restoration can positively impact a broad spectrum of the effects of ageing. NAD+ helps to derive energy out of food, protects cells from stress, maintains healthy sleep cycles and repairs damaged DNA. Most recently, studies have indicated that infertility due to age-related defects may also be improved by increasing NAD+ levels. If proven in clinical trials, this could create an unprecedented alternative for treating infertility using less invasive procedures. 

Nuchido TIME+ is currently undergoing an additional double-blinded and placebo-controlled crossover trial of 28 people, to be published in early 2021.  The supplement is the first in a growing portfolio of products by Nuchido that will include leading-edge senolytic and mitochondrial support supplements as well as a topical and ingestible skincare range. The startup is committed to applying the same expedited go-to-market approach to continue delivering accessible science-backed solutions to the largest possible audience.

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