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Things to Do in November That Are Good for Your Mental Health

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November is the ninth month of the Roman calendar, and its name comes from the Latin word novem, which means nine. In Finland, it is known as marraskuu, which translates to dead month. On the Gregorian, or contemporary, calendar, it is one of four months with a length of 30 days. In the US and Canada, to raise cancer awareness. In Australia, they have a month where they grow a moustache rather than a full beard.

Also, the chrysanthemum is the flower for November. The Greek words Chrys and anthemum, which imply golden flower. The chrysanthemum is a flower that represents honesty, enthusiasm, and optimism in flower language.

Thus, November represents enthusiasm and positivity. This month is also closest to the ending of an old year and welcoming a new one; we sometimes feel the holiday blues and anxiety, but before it attacks us, here are some things we can still do this month, mark on your checklist.

Begin a journal

Write down your thoughts, feelings, observations, or ambitions, and journaling is one of those rare pastimes that is both productive and pleasant; it is an excellent opportunity to practise thoughtful self-reflection, and you may start writing down the new year’s resolution.

Calm your mind

Relaxation is the most tranquil activity you can start practising, and regularly exercising can help you feel better about yourself and your life. It can help you feel calmer and boost the results of relaxation and meditation from your inner self that translate to your everyday interaction.

Find unique ways to thank the healthcare workers

This year is challenging for the whole world because of the pandemic, and everyone deserves a boost, especially our healthcare and frontline workers. Share your blessings to them, and there are plenty of ways to show our appreciation for them; plan it now.

Make plans for New Year’s Eve

If you want to travel for New Year—or even make a reservation at a popular restaurant—start planning and organising where you will go and what you will do. To ensure secure and safe travel, thorough research and careful planning are essential. Make a few reservations now before everything fills up, and airfare and hotel prices increase.

Organise your closet

If your closet is overflowing with old, bulky clothes and stuff that takes up too much space, it is time to clean and organise your closet and donate the items you do not wear to someone who will give them a second chance. Upcycling is a new trend; share your clothes too.

Set attainable goals before the year ends

You need to start reviewing the goals you set last year and identify a few things that you still want to accomplish; whether personally, academically, and professionally write down the actions and plans you will do to achieve those. There is nothing wrong to aim high and more, but still, do not overpressure yourself.

Start your holiday gift shopping now

We know it is still early, but November is a great month to start tackling that long holiday shopping list, whether online shopping or going out in malls; for your immediate relatives to friends and colleagues, you will need something special for everyone. The earlier you begin, the more accessible December will be. It is the thought that counts; start planning and wrapping your holiday presents.

Surround yourself with optimistic individuals

Individuals with strong family and social ties tend to be healthier and happier than those who do not. Make arrangements for activities and leisure time that you can do together with your family and friends. This strengthens your bond and makes your ties stronger.

Treat yourself fairly

You deserve care, respect, and freedom from self-depreciation. Set a time to do and redo your favourite projects and discover your interests that will widen your horizons. Start playing online games, gardening, learning to sing and dance, playing an instrument or, starting a new hobby; there is nothing wrong with starting a new one while treating yourself fair enough to enjoy old hobbies and explore a new one.

November is not yet too late to set a new goal and plan for the years to come, and this month allows us to try more techniques to look after our physical and mental health. It is simpler and easier to deal with stress and other life’s challenges when we maintain good health and happiness, whatever month of the year.

Rona dela Rosa is the editor of Psychreg. She is an associate professor at the Polytechnic College of the City of Meycauyan.


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